Milo Ventimiglia Having Rory & Jess Feels In This Clip Will Give You All The Feels — VIDEO

The most amazing thing a Gilmore Girls fan could possibly imagine outside of a reunion has happened: the Internet has given us a clip of Milo Ventimiglia watching a Rory and Jess scene while clutching a pillow. It's not just any Rory and Jess scene either — it's a Season 4 Rory and Jess scene, when Jess pours his heart out to Rory and begs her to leave Yale — where she's a freshman — and run away with him. The emotions are real, guys.

The scene comes from Ventimiglia's CW Seed web series The P.E.T. Squad Files , in which he plays an actor named Cash with strong Jess/Rory shipper tendencies. Surrounded by his best bros, Cash watches the scene intently, appearing to be on the verge of tears as he finally concludes, "Rory sucks, bro." It is a hilarious and squee-inducing and heartbreaking all at once. In fact, it short-circuited my brain a little — and, if you're as hardcore of a Rory/Jess 'shipper as I am, I'm sure it will do the same to yours. The meta-ness of the scene is flawless, and even though Ventimiglia is acting, I choose to believe he probably still has very strong feelings about Rory and Jess, just like the rest of us. Hey, maybe he will offer up some real scoop at the ATX Festival's Gilmore Girls ' reunion, where he's confirmed to appear — but until then I am going to bask in all the feelings this clip gives me.

Uncontrollable Squeeing

Seriously, this clip is everything I never knew I wanted. It makes me want to clap and squeal and generally just act like Oprah gave me a new car. It is Ventimiglia watching Jess and Rory and getting super emotional about it — in what universe is this not the greatest thing that has happened to Gilmore Girls fans in years?

All The Nostalgia

Remember the first time Rory and Jess kissed? Remember when they were super awkward with each other? Remember how they were basically the greatest thing ever? I want to go back to there.

Pure, Unadulterated Happiness

Ventimiglia still remembers Gilmore Girls and apparently those memories are fond or he wouldn't have taken part in such a perfect meta moment. He is still the most adorable human on the planet. That makes me more happy than I can say.

Pure, Unadulterated Sadness

They never got back together. That is the reality all Gilmore Girls fans must face. Oh Cash, I totally feel your heartbreak.

Longing For More

I want more Gilmore Girls, I want more of Ventimiglia watching Gilmore Girls, and I think I even want more of Ventimiglia as Cash. I'm going to have to watch an entirely new show now, aren't I?


"Hey Cash, that guy kind of looks like you!"/"I get that a lot." Be right back, laughing forever.

Misplaced Hope

Gilmore Girls fans never say die! Or maybe that's The Goonies. Either way, Jess and Rory could still get back together. Think of how happy that would make Cash! Doesn't our benevolent overlord Amy Sherman-Palladino want Cash to be happy? I choose to believe she does.


Why did Ventimiglia have to stir up so many old emotions? Now all I can do is think about that scene and how sad Jess was and how heartbroken I was. I don't like feeling so much. I want to go back to my pre-watching this clip robotic state.

Appreciation For A Job Well Done

I can't stay angry at this clip. It's way too awesome. Well done, P.E.T. Squad, you just won the Internet.

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