Plus Size Looks Inspired By Taylor Swift

At this very moment, many friends in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, are getting liquored up before the start of Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour. Sure, I could be there, but what's the fun of going to a Taylor Swift concert in alcohol-induced bliss when you could be writing about plus size fashion inspired by Taylor Swift? Instead of screaming at the top of my 29-year-old lungs that I'm feeling 22, I am currently hunched over a computer in my dark New York City apartment with a coffee stain on my shirt. It's basically the same sensation.

Before I begin drinking and singing the chorus of "Style" to my dog, let's get down to business. The fact of the matter is that our favorite leggy pop star of the moment has a street style sensibility that translates insanely well to plus size trends. Her red carpet looks keep getting better and better, but it's what she wears day-to-day that really shines. In my mind, her morning routine goes something like this:

  1. Wake up, pet cats expressively.
  2. Choose outfit.
  3. Make legs glow by rubbing them with a stick of butter.
  4. Eat rest of butter on a piece of spelt toast. Lipstick remains perfect.
  5. Call Calvin Harris for morning affirmations of love and ask him what shoes to wear.
  6. Do all the business, cash all the checks.
  7. Call Karlie Kloss and ask her about her favorite brand of leg butter.
  8. Practice dancing earnestly in outfits.

That being said, I've put together a series of outfits that reflect T. Swift's habits and style, with options that will work for those of us who've got a bit more body to encase in our short-shorts. While you're browsing these looks, keep one thing in mind: Swift's look is mostly classic and versatile, so even if you don't like these exact pieces, you can easily find something similar with a little bit of Googling.

Now, prepare your wallets and join me on this journey β€” it's the only thing keeping me from FOMO weeping (FWEEPING) while my fellow Swift fans scream her name somewhere in the Rust Belt.

Casually Strolling Soho With New Beau Calvin

Something about this look says, "Take me on a date, but I'd prefer to pay." It's dressy enough for a rendezvous, but isn't overthought. Here's how to recreate the look in plus size:

Even if you don't have a Calvin Taylor of your very own to lead you around by the hand with a menacing gaze at the paparazzi, you can surely find a local lunatic or beloved family member to do you the honor. No matter what your company, you're going to look amazing.

Dungarees in Twill, $69, asos.comCropped Sweatshirt (available in 2X), $39, Metal Block Heel Ankle Boots, $46, newlook.comBurgundy Backpack, $39, yoins.comTortoise Shell Cateye Sunglasses, $18,

An Important Business Lunch To Discuss New Leg Butter Line

This look is polished and professional without a hint of stuffiness, and it would be perfect for an al fresco summer business lunch. Here's how to do it in plus:

The embellished shorts are absolutely killer, and there's nothing you can't do in a pair of teal patent leather heels. If the outfit doesn't inspire you, perhaps Tay's all-business face will.

H&M+ Jersey Top Tank, $10, Vera Bradley Trifold Wallet Clutch, $46, ASOS Curve Festival Short with Beading, $63, Lydia Patent Pump, $25,Silver Cateye Sunnies, $46,

Hanging Out With BMFL (Best Model For Life) Gigi Hadid

It's no secret that Swift and model Gigi Hadid are friends. In fact, Hadid might not be able to physically remove herself from Tay's presence, as she was in the "Bad Blood" video and showed up on Swift's tour. If you want Gigi Hadid to detach from T. Swift's hip and find her way to yours, here's how:

Hadid is always watching and waiting for your next move, and this outfit will have her rushing to scoop your cat's litter box (does she not do that for Taylor?) in no time. The star of this little show is the incredible Sophia Skater Skirt, designed by unstoppable force and fellow Bustle writer Alysse Dalessandro. The skirt is part of her collection at Ready to Stare, and it's made to order in sizes S-5X. One of these babies will have you getting your Fat Taylor on in no time. I just can't promise that Gigi won't call.

Ready to Stare Sophia Skater Skirt, $59, Lace Flounce Crop Top, $20, Tan Leather Mules, $60, (USA option here)Mars Heat Wave Lipstick, $27,Twist Lock Cross Body Bag, $44,

An Outfit To Head Out Into The World And Just Do You, For Once

When I see this outfit, I see a woman who is very sure of her style, and isn't afraid to dress for an occasion that isn't really an occasion. After all, if you're going to leave your house, why not do it in an outfit that's as killer as this? Here's the look in plus size:

The checked romper is my favorite piece in the brand new collection over at Pop Up Plus. It's also a remarkably T. Swift thing to wear. I've also added a second option for those who are less into checks and more into girly lace. Add a bright lip, a black nail, and a tan bag to complete it β€” and don't forget the teal pumps. This time, I went with a suede finish, because both you and Tay have more than one pair of teal pumps.

CheckMate Romper (1X-3X), $45, popupplus.comAlice & Olivia Romper, $68, asos.comCream and Tan Kettle Bag, $35, dorothyperkins.comSuede Pumps, $49, Essie "Devil's Advocate," $9, available at drugstores everywhereNARS "Barbarella" Sheer Lipstick, $27,

Pure, Unadulterated, Classic Taylor

This is quite possibly the most iconically Swift look that there is: striped shirt, short-shorts, an epic heel, and a red lip. It's T. Swift at her absolute best, and it's also easy to recreate in plus size:

When you have a striped crop top and a pair of high waisted shorts, it is physically impossible for anything in life to go wrong. Add a mustard bag and some sky-high platform heels and you just might find yourself being possessed by an otherworldly force that inspires you to commit heinous acts of revenge against Jake Gyllenhaal. May the power of Taylor compel you.

Striped Crop Top, $30, ASOS Curve High Waisted Shorts, $45, Platform Sandals, $40, Mustard Chain Bag, $17,Tortoiseshell Sunglasses with Metal, NARS "Jungle Red" (one of T. Swift's faves!), $27,

Images: Getty; Giphy; Courtesy Brands; taylorswiftforever__13, tayswiftstyledotcom, taylorswiftstyle, tswiftfans22/Instagram