Go Back To The Future In Holographic Fashion

I'm a huge fan of futuristic style, including holographic clothes and accessories. It seems I'm not the only one; there are lots of ladies in popular culture flaunting a futuristic fashion look. In recent years Lady Gaga kick-started the alien aesthetic in her music video for "Bad Romance" back in 2009 where she was given huge eyes, protruding spine bones and wore reptilian clothes. Next there was Katy Perry, another fashion forward femme, sporting alien chic in her dystopian music video for "E.T." in 2011. Most recently Iggy Azalea channeled space-age fashion when she played an alien in her collaboration with Britney Spears in their music video "Pretty Girls".

Holographic garments and accessories are super fun to wear and add an eclectic feel to your entire outfit. Traditional silver holographic pieces pair extremely well with pastels and light colors whereas darker holographic items tend to look best with grunge style garments. Lovers of unicorn style or mermaiden fashion love holographic pieces because it lends a somewhat magical, ethereal vibe to the rest of their look. In fact if you want to channel any magical creature, you should would wear a holographic garment. Although I somehow can't see an elf in holographic garb... their style is a little more boho.

So if you want to look totally far out, here are some key holographic pieces to channel your alter ego alien.

1. The Holographic Dress

Holographic Skater Dress, $101, Etsy

This holographic dress comes in a super cute skater style. It is perfect for ladies out there wanting to channel space age chic while showing their feminine side.

2. The Alien-esque Top

Motel Plazma Tee In Iridescent Green, $55, Motel Rocks

If you wish to channel grunge style alien vibes then this iridescent green tee is perfect for you. Pair with a pleather skirt and some combat boots and you'll be the epitome of grunge glam.

3. The Holographic Studs

Mixed Holographic Stud Set, $4, Forever 21

If a subtle, spacey vibe is more what you're looking for then look no further! These sweet holographic stud earrings will give a celestial edge to any outfit.

4. The Holographic Dinosaur Clutch

Dinosaur Clutch in Holographic, $23, Asos

It can't get any kookier than this: a dinosaur shaped, holographic clutch bag. This pairing is so bizarre; dinosaurs are creatures which we believed to have existed millions of years ago yet holographic materials have a futuristic vibe. This messes with my mind... In a really good way! Plus what's not to love about a stegosaurus handbag?

5. The Space Age Sneakers

Women Hologram Leatherette Multi Strap Velcro High Top Sneaker, $100, Amazon

These sneakers remind me so much of Back to the Future and Tron. I imagine these are the kind of shoes we will all wear to accompany our entirely holographic outfits in the future when we have discovered time travel and aliens. Perhaps that future is sooner than we think...

6. The Holographic Mini Skirt

Asos Holographic Mini Skirt with Zip Front, $28, Asos

This mini skirt is super cute and is giving me far out Space Barbie vibes; most likely due to the way Asos have styled it with baby pink elements. In the not so distant future, maybe all space moms will wear skirts like this and they'll sit in their space pods gossiping with their friends about whose color-changing manicure is the most fashionable or which new hover craft they're going to buy next year.

7. The Holographic Slicker

Natasha Holographic Mac, $52, Boohoo

Come rain or shine you can always look glamorously galactic. The purple hue gives this jacket a quirky edge but if you prefer an ultra feminine look, you can pick this mac in a pink shade instead.

8. The Hologram Nail Polish

Hologram Nail Polish, $10, Urban Outfitters

Ensure you are perfectly polished and match your nails to your outfit with this awesome hologram nail polish.

9. The Holographic Leggings

Holographic Galaxy Sliver Metallic Grunge Leggings, $11, Amazon

Pair these leggings with a star studded dress to radiate stellar chic.

10. The Iridescent Heels

Caicos - Iridescent Shoe, $89, Heels

To me these heels are exuding powerful Iggy Azalea alien vibes. They would have matched her super spacey, silver dress perfectly. Let's get Iggy and Britney to shoot the "Pretty Girls" video again but have Iggy wearing these shoes. I'm sure they won't mind!

11. The Holographic Co-ord Set

Holographic Top and Shorts Two Piece, $50, Etsy

Last but finally not least is my personal favorite of the bunch, this dazzling holographic co-ord crop top and shorts set. Can't you just imagine wearing this on a beach somewhere, soaking up some rays and sipping on a Cosmo? Now that would be astronomical!

Images: Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands