Betty White Is Now On Instagram

by Nicole Pomarico

It's happened, guys: The best Golden Girl and everyone's pretend grandma Betty White has joined Instagram. She might have initially been against joining social media, but after she signed up for Twitter in 2012 and quickly gained over a million followers, it seems like she's had a change of heart. Since posting her first photo on Wednesday night, White already has more than 19k followers on Instagram — pretty impressive for a brand new account! Of course, it is Betty White we're talking about, so I'm assuming that number will change as more people realize her account exists. She's a national treasure.

So what was her first post? Appropriately enough, she was celebrating the end of her show, Hot in Cleveland, after the series finale aired that night. She posted a photo with her cast mates, deciding to use the opportunity to express her love for them — which, really, is the most Betty White way of Instagramming that I've ever heard of. From this post alone, I'm 100 percent positive I'm going to be obsessed with everything White shares, even if she doesn't seem to have discovered how to use the filters yet. I'm hoping she will, though. I've always suspected White had a bit of hipster in her.

My only hope is that her Instagram doesn't go the way of her Twitter account. Over three years, she's only tweeted 70 times, while the rest of us tweet about 70 times every 10 minutes. Oh wait, that might just be me. Anyway, if she decides to keep this Instagram thing going, I already have a wish list of things I'm dying for her to share. Don't let me down, White!

1. Selfies

She already knows how to use a selfie stick!

2. Photos Of Her Dog

White's dog, Pontiac, is the love of her life, and he's gorgeous. She can share all the photos of him she wants. I'm down for it.

3. More Flirtation With Ryan Seacrest

You know he loves it.

4. #TBT Posts

Even as a 93-year-old, White is beautiful, but have you seen her in her younger years? I'd be fascinated to see photos from White's personal collection. And if she has anything saved up from the Golden Girls days, I wouldn't be opposed to that, either.

5. Pranks She Pulls On Others

Off Their Rockers is no more, but I don't doubt that White is still playing tricks on the people in her life. She should definitely document them, especially in video.

6. Behind The Scenes Stuff

Hot in Cleveland might be over, but White's career is still on fire. For her next project, I want all the good BTS stuff, especially the food at craft services. Who doesn't love food posts on Instagram?

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