Chris Should Definitely Be The 'Bachelor' Again

It's been almost two weeks since Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff announced their split, and I still can't believe it. Maybe it won't truly sink in until the sit down, tell-all interview with Chris Harrison that's bound to happen eventually, but I really thought these two were made for each other — well, as made for each other as two people who met on a reality show can be, anyway. They've both been through too much in the pursuit of true love to end up single, especially Chris, who's now been through one round of The Bachelorette and one round of The Bachelor. That's more limo arrivals, group dates, and rose ceremonies than any one person should ever have to deal with to come through to the other side fiancee-less, which means there's only one logical next step: Chris should be on The Bachelor again, and this time, he needs to do it right.

Because let's be real — the first time around, Chris was all over the place. He was ending group dates and turning them into one-on-ones right in the middle of them, he wasted half the season being all over Britt and not giving the rest of the women a chance, and he was really, really bad at ever saying what he felt and being forthcoming with the facts when he had to send somebody home. If he was given a second chance, he could actually do this for real.

As much as I'd love to see a brand new Bachelor take the reigns, I wouldn't mind seeing Chris again — and there are plenty of reasons why it would work.

His season was entertaining, to say the least

Kelsey. Ashley S. The drama with Britt. The random switch ups in how the "game" was played. Jimmy Kimmel. There are a lot of reasons why Chris' season of The Bachelor was one of my favorites, and I think it's because Chris was such a naturally likable dude that he very easily made these women go nuts over him. I'd totally watch it again with brand new contestants.

He might have actually had stronger feelings for Becca

The smart choice for Chris was always Whitney — she was committed, she was looking for the same things he was, her home base was pretty close to Iowa, and she was ready to settle down and start a family ASAP. Becca would have been a risk. Her feelings took longer to develop, and a relationship with her was never a "sure thing." I had a feeling he would have preferred to propose to her, though, and maybe if she was willing to join the show again, he could explore that better.

He has a better idea of what he's looking for now

Ever date someone who's perfect for you on paper only to find out that what you thought you wanted in a relationship isn't what you wanted at all? I think that's what went wrong with Chris and Whitney's relationship, and now that Chris has this experience under his belt, he'll be that much better at truly picking the person who he's compatible with.

He really deserves to find love

Poor Chris has now been engaged twice and is stuck in Arlington where there are virtually no women, alone with his herd of cows and his corn. Come on, ABC. We can do better than that for him!

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