'Pretty Little Liars' Actress Shay Mitchell Will Publish Her First Novel 'Bliss'

Emily may have the swim team, but her alter ego clearly veers more toward the artistic side. Pretty Little Liars ' Shay Mitchell's first novel Bliss is coming this October. Even cooler? She's taken a little friendship love from Pretty Little Liars and announced that Bliss will be co-written by Mitchell's real-life BFF blogger Michaela Blaney. And the book itself will center on a female friendship.

As Mitchell says on her website and lifestyle blog Amore & Vita:

Set against a backdrop of Hollywood and international glitz, this story is about the power of friendship and following your blissful path, even if the journey comes with epic hangovers, soulless jobs, and 30-something boyfriends who act half their age.

The last item on the list should let you know that Bliss is veered toward an adult audience, though just try to keep teen Pretty Little Liars fans away from it. Mitchell and Blaney's story will center on two BFFs, 21-year-old Sophia Marcus and Demi Michaels, as they try to navigate life in their early 20s travelling from Hollywood, Thailand, and London.

"We wrote this for everyone single person out their trying to find and follow their bliss, whatever that may be," Mitchell wrote on her website.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6, aka #SummerofAnswers, just started back up on ABC Family after the big reveal of A (don't panic, no spoilers), so apparently while we're all scrambling with approximately 1.7 million questions, Mitchell has been busy with something else to blow our minds.