6 Father's Day Tie Wins Because Not Every Dad Wears Christmas Ties All Year Round

There's a long-standing tradition of giving our dads a tie on Father's Day. And the Father's Day tie has morphed into the formidable "dad tie," an unfortunate but funny stereotype of how badly dads can sometimes wear a horribly-patterned necktie.

But, as with all things in terms of fashion, there is always the risk of a stereotype — in this case, "Dad ties are the worst." Thus why I'm happy to celebrate some very fashionable ties donned securely on the necks of some very fashionable people.

For those dads who are a bit "tie-challenged," the following photos and tips are a few pointers that can be taken on to step up the neckwear game. But, hey, in the end, if your father can't break away from that awful tie you gave him as a child, it's his total prerogative to wear that thing as long as he wants to — after all, that's a pretty sweet and sentimental display of his love for you as his kid.

On the other hand, for that father who's always looking out for the latest and greatest in menswear, more power to him for giving us a little bit of pride in his fashion choices. We do have to be seen with him in public for that Father's Day meal out, after all.

1. The Tie With Jeans

There's something pretty great about pairing an item often considered "dressy" with something casual, like a good pair of blue jeans. Dad can keep his fatherly disposition of put-together and in charge, while also remaining down-to-earth and relatable.

2. The Hipster

Hey, who says dads can't be hip and on trend? And this guy's pocket square is a great idea for dad to be stylish and patriotic at the same time.

3. The Tie On Denim

This chick is totally rocking that striped skinny tie on denim, so all the fathers out there should take note! What a great way to make denim look chic, and it's also a perfect fit for summer.

4. Mix And Match

What I love about this look is that it almost seems like a clash of patterns and colors, but it's a testament to the fact that not everything has to be matchy-matchy. It's the pocket square that basically pulls the look together with the hint of pink and green. Let's just say dad can express himself in more than one way with this ensemble.

5. The Tie And Waistcoat

For when dad wants to take things to the next level, here's an impeccable look that blends dark colors with a print! I love that this guy isn't just wearing the typical black or navy blue but seems to be pairing a deep purple with that burgundy waistcoat. This is definitely a look for the sophisticated father.

6. The Bowtie

I don't think a round up of great neckwear would be complete without a bowtie. Although the bowtie probably leaves the most room for a look we might be embarrassed of on our dads, this guy does it right and makes vintage look incredibly cool with that suede and those sunglasses.

Dad might get a real kick out of taking it back to the looks of his former (and childless) days, too. And don't forget, dads, a man bun still makes pretty much anything look better.

But I can't end this round up without a quick tribute to my own father, who always looks his best in his signature navy blue. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Images: b16robbo, jeansandties, everettkpdx, sartorio_napoli, ifeanyiga/Instagram; CurvyAriesatl/Twitter; Christie Drozdowski