This Video Of A Heartbeat During A Marriage Proposal Shows Just How Nerve-Wracking It Is To Propose To Someone

Despite how the various and sundry viral videos make it seem, proposing to someone can be terrifying. Even if you're sure they'll say yes it's a nerve-wracking prospect, and nothing illustrates that better than GOOD's video depicting a man's heartbeat during his marriage proposal. When I say "illustrate," I mean that literally — the video visually depicts a Redditor's heartbeat over the course of the 40 minutes it took for him to get up the courage to propose to his girlfriend. He probably didn't notice it at the time (I'm assuming that he must have had other things on his mind, like the whole impending-engagement thing), but when the data is condensed into 90 seconds, the results clearly show how scary proposing can be. Even his base heart rate is a little high; when he and his girlfriend are walking together, it hovers around 90 beats per minute. After they buy ice cream, it calms down a little, but as soon as he decides to make his move, his pulse skyrockets again. Even just saying the words in his head caused his heart rate to spike, and his pulse was going so fast during the actual proposal that I swear I felt my own speed up out of sympathy.

Thankfully, things slowed down a bit once his girlfriend said yes. If our Redditor friend got this nervous during a regular proposal, can you imagine how scared he would have been if he'd gone increasingly-popular public route? The scientists watching the monitor might have thought he was having a heart attack, and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the arrival of an ambulance would have spoiled the mood. Check out the video for yourself below:

GOOD Magazine on YouTube

Images: FlickWithMeika/Flickr, GOOD/YouTube