Alyson Hannigan Won't Ever Wear A Crop Top Because Her "Belly Button Will Never Be The Same After Two Kids"

Whether you know her as Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother , Alyson Hannigan has something in common with both Willow and Lily — and that is Hannigan won’t ever wear a crop top, again. Willow is almost always fully clothed in either a vampy black outfit or a deep shade of red, while Lily’s closet consists of various t-shirts, tanks, and cozy sweaters. Much like them, the real-life Hannigan isn’t really the type to show too much skin anymore.

Hannigan told People that she won't wear that summer closet staple anymore because she thinks she's outgrown the trend. "I don't think I'll ever wear a crop top," she said, but it wasn't because she didn't want to show skin. It was because she gave birth to her two beautiful daughters, Satayana Marie and Keeva Jane. Hannigan tells People, "I've had two children and my belly button will never be the same after the two kids — or my belly!" Nonetheless, I’m sure Satayana Marie and Keeva Jane were so worth the trade. Still, I think if Hannigan feels like wearing a crop top, she definitely should!