'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Clues About Charles & The A Game That We Missed Along The Way

It's been one hell of a ride for our favorite Pretty Little Liars, and Season 6 marks the beginning of the end of a journey that they never signed up for. We now know that Charles DiLaurentis is A and likely Jason's twin, and that he's meticulously stalked the girls so that he could eventually bring them to his dollhouse. We may not know who Charles is, or what his assumed identity is when he is unmasked, but we do know that he's been in the background of Rosewood since the beginning. According to creator I. Marlene King and notorious cryptic, Charles stole the game from Mona in Season 3, which means that if we want to find Pretty Little Liars clues about Big A, that's where we need to start looking.

Some of the clues that we picked up from Season 3 have already been explained by the Season 6 premiere, while others hint at major things to come. We won't know what's significant in terms of Big A's story until we hit the Season 6 midseason finale and all is revealed, but until then, here's what clues we picked up along the way.

The Dollhouse Was There All Along

Charles stole the game from Mona and used her as one of his henchmen. In A's brand new lair, we see that Charles has set up a dollhouse, complete with Ali and the four liars. Maybe we should have paid closer attention to that...

Wren Could Be The Key To All Of This

We assume that Charles spent some time in Radley, given the fact that all roads seem to lead back to this mental hospital. Wren has made several comments about having a family member in a mental institution, and the above comment is awfully suspicious. Could Wren be referring to Charles? Alternatively, could Wren be Charles and is commenting on his own fractured psyche?

Could This Have Referred To Charles?

This bag supposedly contained Ali's body (actually Bethany's), and was found in the cooler on the Halloween train in the episode "This Is A Dark Ride." Charon certainly sounds like Charles, and the "sons" portion could refer to the possible DiLaurentis twins Jason and Charles.

Could These Symbols Be Connected?

The above lighter was found in the woods after A burned down the farm house where the girls went to meet A. Now check out this symbol from the Campbell farm.

Similar, right? Could Charles have picked up the lighter while at the farm? And does that mean Andrew Campbell really is connected to A?

There Was Another Red Coat At The Thornhill Lodge, And It Ain't Ali

Ali was at the lodge, but while she pulled out Hanna, she didn't save the other girls. She claims that she has no idea who did, but we did see someone else wearing a red coat. Could the other person in the coat be Sara, dressed as Ali? Now that we know there were even more impersonators, it's hard to know what to believe.

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