8 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Worse Than Ramsay Bolton aka Proof That Westeros Is Full Of Villains

While my mind is still reeling from last week’s epic episode of Game of Thrones , I almost forgot about the fact that Ramsay Bolton raped Sansa and she’s still dealing with her new creep of a husband. I know that Ramsay is pretty much the worst, but I believe there are people in Game of Thrones that are much worse than him. Before Ramsay, we all thought Joffrey was the worst, and if Ramsay died tomorrow we would have to crown another as the worst in the realm, right? Well, he's pretty terrible, but there are some in Westeros that could be considered worse than him. (Yes, really.)

In case you were too distracted by last week's White Walker battle to remember, here's where we left off in Winterfell: Ramsay's pretending not to worry about the fact that his stepmom is pregnant and if it’s a boy, well, then he’s going to have some major problems. Angry Ramsay leads to some pretty torturous behavior, so Sansa will have to come up with an escape plan soon. Also, Stannis is on the way down to Winterfell, but it’s taking him a very long time to get there. So, while we wait and hope for Sansa to escape or be rescued from Ramsay's villainous hands, let's take a moment to distract ourselves with tales of characters even worse than he is.

1. Cersei Lannister

At the present moment she is totally getting what she deserves and rotting in jail, but while Ramsay has only been an annoying jerk for a couple seasons now, Cersei has been pretty monstrous since the beginning. Add up all the terrible things she’s done, and she's much worse than Ramsay.

2. Walder Frey

You don't kill Robb Stark without being considered a terrible human being. First, he lies and tells them this wedding is super chill ,and then he traps them all in a dining hall during said wedding and slaughters them... Yeah, that is considered worse than torturing Theon in my book. Also, he doesn’t even care when his own wife dies. Rude.

3. Myranda

Anyone who willingly hooks up and wants to be with Ramsay Bolton must be worse than Ramsay himself. I feel like we will be seeing much more of that crazy attitude in the future.

4. Euron Greyjoy

We haven’t encountered Euron Greyjoy in the show, and I’m not sure that we will, but this dude commands a ship and his entire crew is silent because he cut their tongues out. So, yeah, he’s pretty much a huge jerk.

5. Petyr Baelish

If Littlefinger finally gets the power that he's been after, I feel like we might be in trouble. While Ramsay is transparently evil, Petyr Baelish is evil in a totally conniving, clever way, which is much scarier.

6. The Weeper

The Weeper is one of the main Wildlings. And, after he killed a bunch of Crows, he cut off all their heads, plucked out their eyes, and left their heads on spears for the rest of the Crows to see. We haven't met him in the show, and at this point I hope we don’t.

7. That White Walker King

That guy is so not messing around here. He’s about to murder everyone, but also he’s probably going to take FOREVER to be killed himself, especially with that “come at me, bro” attitude.

8. Tommen

At least Ramsay Bolton has a brain, and makes his own decisions. Tommen is essentially Cersei's puppet, which is kind of like having two Cerseis on the show. Aka, a total nightmare.

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