'Degrassi' Queen Bees Come & Go, But What Your Favorite Mean Girl Says About You Lasts Forever

I bet you didn't even realize that you still cared about the show until you heard the rumor that Degrassi has been cancelled. Later, it was revealed that the show has been cancelled on Teen Nick and MTV Canada, but may yet still continue to air new episodes on another U.S.-based network. Either way, it was a massive emotional blow to those of us who remember the show as the former home of the likes of Drake, Nina Dobrev, Shenae Grimes, and Landon Liboiron, let alone those of us who were invested in season after season of new characters and new drama that sure as hell knew how to "go there." Whatever it takes, I know we can make it through, right guys? In honor of Degrassi, I think it's about time we take a look at what your favorite Degrassi Queen Bee says about you — because the show had a lot of them during its 14 season run.

Degrassi: The Next Generation, the spinoff of Degrassi High, introduced its first Queen Bee in the form of Paige Michalchuk, who reigned supreme as the girl you loved to hate and hated to love for most of her character arc. The last Queen Bee introduced by the show was Zoe Rivas, who, in a manner very similar to Paige, has warmed up as well. But, whether you're a fan of the original flavor, a fan of the Holly J Empire, or a fan of the Queen Bees Who Forgot To Actually Stay Mean, your fave says everything about you. Come find out what.

1. Paige Michalchuk

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Paige was the indisputable Queen Bee of Degrassi and, boy, could she Regina George the hell out of her friends. Even though she knew that Teri had a crush on Spinner, Paige went after him and successfully landed him. She ousted Ashley from their friend group, forcing Ashley to find a new friend in Ellie. She always had a harsh one-liner waiting for anyone in her path, and she had no time to date losers like J.T. no matter how big a crush he had on her... at first.

If Paige is your favorite Queen Bee, then you're a fan of the original model. You consider the first to be the best and, as such, have very high standards for yourself to perform well the first time around. You have a sarcastic sense of humor and tend to give everyone around you a cutesy nickname — especially if you hate them. However, if someone messes with your friends, the claws come out and you show no mercy.

2. Heather Sinclair

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Heather Sinclair was the unseen Queen Bee of Degrassi. Even Paige was afraid of her and considered her to be the devil, but Heather was never actually seen on screen. She was only ever referenced, until a Degrassi mini allowed us to stroll through our day as Heather, and see exactly why everyone at the school was so afraid to speak her name. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Heather was also the older sister of another Queen Bee on this list (see Holly J Sinclair, below).

If Heather is your favorite, then you're less about the spotlight and more about working behind the scenes to get things done. Attention only gets in your way; it's when no one's watching that you have the most room and freedom to do what you need to do. You can be incredibly mean — incredibly mean — to those around you, intentionally or intentionally. However, you still have a certain charm that keeps people talking long after you've marched out of the room.

3. Darcy Edwards

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Darcy Edwards stepped up to be the leader of the Spirit Squad in Paige's absence, and she's notable for having basically the shortest run as a Queen Bee ever. From exiling Mia from Spirit Squad for being a teen mother to helping with Manny's plot to drop Paige during a cheer, breaking her leg, Darcy was a lot meaner in her earlier appearances than later after her Christian faith became one of her defining qualities. Still, she did have a thing for bad boys, like most of the Queen Bees.

If Darcy is your favorite, then you are a girl with very deep faith and even deeper principles. Even if what you believe in is unpopular, you stick to your guns and refuse to change for anyone. Sure, that might make you both stubborn and opinionated, which can turn people off, but sometimes you're not here to make friends. You know who you are at a time when most people are still figuring things out.

4. Holly J Sinclair

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Holly J Sinclair was my favorite of all the Queen Bees, I'm not going to lie. The younger sister of Heather Sinclair transferred to Degrassi after her school, Lakehurst, burned to the ground, and she took the school by storm. Insults at the ready, a best friend/minion by her side, and an excellent collection of well-fitting blazers were all things characteristic to Holly J — and that was before she mellowed out a bit and began running the school better than the Principal.

If Holly J is your favorite, then you're a natural leader. You chafe under any authority that isn't your own, because you like it when things run the way that you want them to. You're involved in at least a dozen extracurricular activities, and you have your eye on an Ivy League school. Sure, you often suffer setbacks because your go-getter attitude leads you to bulldoze over others, but, hey. How else are you going to be President?

5. Katie Matlin

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Katie Matlin was the second nicest Queen Bee after Darcy Edwards. Really, Katie was only bad when combined with Marisol Lewis (below). On her own, she was somewhat socially awkward and a bit shy, especially around boys, but Katie was Student Council President and certainly not afraid to shame other girls for being weird or awkward around her. Plus, she was kind of a hardass, who had no time or interest in having her time wasted.

If Katie is your favorite, then you're more intimidating than you actually intend to be toward other people. You're both athletically and academically inclined, and you work so hard for the things that you want that you can stress yourself out and make yourself sick. You cave to peer pressure very easily, and will often act mean to save face in front of your friends, but you're much nicer than you let on.

6. Marisol Lewis

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Marisol Lewis was an unpopular Queen Bee — at least among the audiences. She was the kind of Queen Bee who really had a fondness for other people's boyfriends, as evidenced when she lured K.C. away from Jenna even though they had a kid together, and how she fought with Katie over Drew. She was also immensely rude to fan favorite characters (and couple) Fiona and Imogen, as well as being a truly horrible friend to Katie every now and then.

If Marisol is your favorite, then you are a girl who does what she wants and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Sure, you're loyal — to a point. But, when you're hurt, you lash out, and how close you were to someone before just gives you more fuel to hurt them with. However, you fight just as hard for the people you love as you fight against them, and, while you take a lot of joy in other people's misery, you can still be very caring.

7. Zoe Rivas

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Zoe Rivas didn't get as much time as everyone else on this list to show off her Queen Bee status, but she certainly hit the ground running in Season 13. Zoe was a former star on hit TV show West Drive, who was booted for a prescription pill addiction that forced her back to school. She started an immediate feud with Maya over Miles, and was generally harsh to everyone around her while insisting everything in life was about her.

If Zoe is your favorite Queen Bee, then you love the spotlight, you love being the center of attention, and you possibly have an interest in acting that will pan out if you work hard enough. However, there's a lot more going on beneath the surface than you show people at first and, when you warm up, you can actually be a really great and loyal friend to the ones you care about. It's getting you to care about someone but yourself that's the problem.

So which Queen Bee best describes you? Only you can decide that.

Image: Teen Nick