Women Try Vibrators For The First Time, Because You Shouldn't Knock It 'Til You've Buzzed It — VIDEO

Sex toys are incredible. Not only are they helpful for their traditional masturbatory use, they can add a fun, spicy layer to romps with partners. I feel like the taboo nature of vibrators specifically has waned so hard it isn't horribly uncommon or creepy for them to raise as a conversational topic even among acquaintances. That's so great! And no one ever forgets their first time using a vibe. For a little insight, though, two adult women try sex toys for the first time ever to weigh in with their mature opinion on the matter.

I was a semi-late adapter to vibrators, too, giving my first a go circa age 23. Game-changer seems like a dramatic description, albeit 100% appropriate. A friend accompanied me to Babeland, a super sex-positive shop in Chelsea, to pursue beginner-friendly options. I picked up a little guy for just $20 and then embarked on one of the best weekends of my life. Lots of women and people in general have no problem going manual and getting off—but lots of us still could use a bit of a hand to our hand. And for many of us, a vibe makes all the difference in the world of self-sufficient orgasms.

So two women, devoid of all sex toy experience, set out together to remedy this. The sex shop visit is pretty hilarious, TBH (and very very familiar):

I mean, I totally get how this could be an intimidating prospect, especially if you've made it 20+ years A-OK on your own, or just left to your own devices. (Lots of women find pleasure in experimenting with various household items. Hell, friends have told me about how grinding on the arm of a couch will be enough to send 'em rocking. Whatever works, seriously.) Plus the size of that guy above is certainly a doozy for the amateur. And not amateur. That thing is huge.

The two women opted for more manageable, less intense buzzy buds for their first go. Then they went off and...went for it. How did they weigh in? Well, I don't want to give it away, so here you go:

Boldly on YouTube

If you wanna go further down that rabbit hole of exploring vibrators, be sure to learn what your vibe says about you and maybe if you're also a newbie, acquaint yourself with a slew of beginner-friendly vibrator picks. Good vibes, y'all.

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