'Beauty And The Beast' Live-Action Movie Adds New Songs & Keeps The Old, Giving Us More Reasons To Be Excited

Get ready for more good Beauty and the Beast news, as if your brain can possibly handle it. Not only will the upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular fairy tale include all the music from the original 1991 version, but Beauty and the Beast will have three new songs as well. Squeeeee! (Or whatever sound the Beast would make when excited. Maybe a strange baring of every tooth in his mouth?) I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you this, but this is the live-action update starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast that I'm talking about, and it comes out in 2016, so there are already multiple reasons to be on the edge of your seat.

We got this information about which songs will be included from Alan Menken, who wrote all the music for the Disney original, and discussed his involvement in the reboot during an interview at Lincoln Center this week for their "Artist to Artist" series. As I said already, he gave us the good news that none of the songs from the original would be excluded, and, in fact, more music would be added, written specifically for this movie, and presumably Watson and Stevens' skill sets.

And he didn't just taunt us with those tiny clues, either! Menken actually went so far as to reveal details about two of the new songs. More squeeing and teeth-baring! The first is called "Days in the Sun," which is a lullaby in which the dishes and the furniture and everyone else reminisce over their lives before they were turned into enchanted objects in a gloomy castle. It seems to be a more somber follow-up to "Be Our Guest."

The second is called "Forever More," and it's the song in which the Beast gets to sing his way through that "aha!" moment when he finally grasps what love is. We don't know anything about the third one yet, because, come on. You'll spoil your supper. We gotta give you at least one reason to go see this in theaters — besides all of the obvious ones.

There is, of course, the tiniest bit of bad news, though. Apparently, none of the music that was exclusively written for the Broadway production will be making it into the live-action version. Hey, we gotta draw the line somewhere, right? And this has been a really big day for good news for us already, so maybe we let that one slide.

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