Minnie Driver Meets Jussie Smollett & Can't Help But Fangirl Over The 'Empire' Star, Because, Duh — PHOTO

Minnie Driver really is like us — or those of us who are die-hard Empire fans, at least. Minnie Driver loves Jussie Smollett and Empire and she doesn't care who knows it. On Friday, the actress shared a photo on Twitter of herself with Smollett and revealed she fangirled hard for the talented actor and musician. Let's face it, those of us who absolutely adore the actor and his Empire character, Jamal Lyon, would totally follow in Driver's footsteps upon meeting him. She shared on Twitter,

Well I fan girled in a most out of control way last night..lost my heart to @JussieSmollett and @EmpireFOX #minilyon

I feel you, Minnie. I feel you. Whether the 31-year-old is singing with that sweet voice of his, showcasing those adorable dimples, supporting the LGBT community, or busting out his amazing acting skills, he continues to steal my heart. How can you not adore him?

So, now that Driver has met Smollett, declared her love for FOX's hit series, and dubbed herself "Mini Lyon," this means she'll score a gig on Empire, right? In addition to acting, Driver is also a singer, so she'd fit right in. I have a feeling she and Taraji P. Henson's Cookie Lyon would kick ass together. Now, add Smollett and it gets that much better. Yeah, I'm down, and I'm sure Driver would be, too.