Chris Livingston Surprised His GF in London So He Could Propose, And It's The Cutest

It's that time of year again: wedding season, my favorite! For the past two Sundays (yes, I have been keeping track), my Facebook feed has been inundated with people I used to be friendly with saying "yes," and while that's sweet and all, pretty much nothing can top this proposal: Chris Livingston surprised his girlfriend in London, where he proposed to her. I think that as far as surprise, public proposals go (like that bizarre iPhone proposal, or, I don't know, proposing to your SO with a giant flash mob), this is one of the better ideas I've seen. It's sweet, it's personal, it's in public but it's not so over-the-top that it verges on cringe-y (plus if she had said no, a million people wouldn't have been there to witness it). All in all it gets my stamp of approval; not like that really matters to, well, anybody, but I approve nonetheless.

Chris Livingston, the mastermind behind the proposal (and groom-to-be), and his now-fiance are from the U.S. When his girlfriend planned a trip to travel through Europe, he told her he couldn't come because he couldn't get off work. But then he thought (according to his YouTube page), "what a crazy way to propose... surprise her in London." Here's how it went down:

Chris's girlfriend got a tap on the shoulder, and when she turned around...

It was Chris! But he wasn't just there to make a surprise visit...

He popped the question!

A closer look at the ring, because it's gorgeous:

Oh, and she said yes!

Awww. Here's a really cute black-and-white photo of the happy couple:

So many feels.

You can watch the whole proposal on video below. You can't really hear anything that's being said, but it's still nice to watch. Congrats to them both!

Chris Livingston on YouTube

Images: chriztopherz / Imgur