NikeLab x Sacai's Collaboration Is Still Not Quite As Functional As You'd Like It To Be

The NikeLab x Sacai collaboration didn't quite win over consumers on its first try, despite the fact that no one would doubt the collection was interesting. But, according to Ryot, after the collection's initial release, NikeLab x Sacai is now coming out with updated summer looks as well as a few newbies. But don't get ready to lace up and run your next marathon in them, though — the pieces might not be as practical as an athlete would like them to be.

During round one of the sportswear line, the collection showcased lingerie-esque fabrics and odd silhouettes, leading women everywhere to hope the second release would sport more, well, sportswear. The harshest review might have come from Megan Wiegand, who stated in her Slate review, "On its website, Nike called it a 'bold expression of femininity.' In reality, it’s comical and insulting to female athletes everywhere."

But it looks like the line is trying to go bold again. With its mix of mesh, satin, fleece, and lace, the line might lack comfort for women hoping for a hard workout in this sportswear. Unless those women are looking for a career as a fashion forward superhero, in which case, they're golden.

According to the site, Nike's hope was to "explore and reinterpret silhouettes from the Nike archive," and I guess the line follows through with that. But it doesn't quite explore fabrics made popular and practical through the Nike archive.

That said, it's clear that there was plenty of thought that went into this trendy line, even with its lack of functionality.

With a little more attention paid to makes a female athlete happy, NikeLab x Sacai could have something great.