Kristen Bell Sings 'Frozen' Song With 'Veronica Mars' Co-Star Max Greenfield, But She Didn't Stop There — VIDEO

Need more proof that Kristen Bell is basically the best celebrity on the planet? Then wait until you see what she did Saturday night at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. The event, which is dedicated to helping Los Angeles' low income families and homeless population, was emceed by Bell's Veronica Mars co-star Max Greenfield (New Girl), and featured a star-studded lineup of guests, including Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Banks, Seth Rogan, and more. The event was founded by Rebecca Gayhart-Dane, who has also served as host for the past decade. While there were several musical guests, something especially magical happened for fans of Frozen (and who isn't a fan of Frozen?): Kristen Bell sang "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" with Greenfield and it was the most adorable thing, ever.

That is not all, though. Bell upped her amazing factor by about a million when she used her Frozen cred for good by offering to leave voicemails from Anna to the kids of parents in the audience for $10,000 dollar donations to the cause. Variety reports Bell asked, "Who needs brownie points with their kids?" before making the offer. Epic move or the most epic move? You decide.

Greenfield and Bell make quite the duo onstage. Their rendition of "Do Wanna Build a Snowman?" should be treasured by Frozen and Veronica Mars' fans alike. Who knew Veronica and Deputy Leo would ever take the stage to sing a duet? It's not at all surprising that buddies Bell and Greenfield were game, though. Bell fans with a good memory should recall that Bell ensured Greenfield would always be the coolest dad ever in his daughter's eyes when he had Bell call his daughter in character as Anna. Their latest mini-Mars reunion is just one more reason why Bell and Greenfield are proof the Mars' cast is good people.

Now the only question I have is when will Disney hire Greenfield for Frozen 2? Let's keep the Bell/Greenfield Frozen fun times coming.