Mae Whitman As Dawson Leery Is Hilarious

by Tracy Dye

Everyone stop what you're doing immediately and get ready to let your inner '90s/early 2000s child sing songs of sweet nostalgia, because there was a live reading of a Dawson's Creek script on Saturday, June 6, at the ATX Festival in Austin. And it gets even better, guys! Along with "some of the brilliant minds behind the beloved WB's beloved series" voicing different characters from our favorite teenage drama, The Duff star, Mae Whitman, played the series' main protagonist, Dawson Leery. WHAT?! Did my birthday come early this year? I submit that it did.

Social media obviously exploded over the news with photos of the reading's players being posted and even a clip of Whitman nailing the friends-turned-lovers-then-turned-friends-again chemistry between Dawson and Joey Potter, who was read by actor Patrick J. Adams. In the clip, Whitman — or "Dawson", rather — is seen inviting Adams' "Joey" to tag along on a "semi-quasi date...with Jen," to which a classic Joey reply of "I'd rather go down in a plane crash" incites many a guffaw from the audience.

The entire script reading cast later posed for an Instagram snap, which revealed the fact that Whitman apparently carries a photo of Friday Night Lights character, Tim Riggins, wherever she goes. I think Whitman just became one of my fave celebs of all time.

Throngs of Dawson's Creek fans have taken to Twitter to voice their enthusiasm, as they well should. With such an epic merging of late '90s teenage drama and actors like Whitman, a myriad of emotions can be spurred. In order to celebrate this glorious news, I've compiled a list of several reactions we may having.


A pleasant surprise, of course, but a surprise nonetheless.

"No Way!"

Just the fact that a Dawson's Creek reading happened is pretty epic, but they also decided to throw Whitman in the mix? Shut the front door.

"There Aren't Enough Emojis In The World To Articulate My Excitement"

I think I just broke my smartphone trying to pick the perfect emoji combination for this.

"I'm So Happy I Could Cry"

This is just too good, guys! I can't.


YAS! So much YAS I can barely stand it. Also, I wonder if Darren Criss can make an appearance for the reading's next go-round, should there ever be one. Hey, a girl can dream.

"Can We Have A Dawson's Creek Reboot?"

If we could also add a Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot to the hypothetical fold, my life would officially be complete.

"Speaking Of Reboots, We Need To Cast Whitman As Dawson ASAP"

Not that a reboot is happening, but it's fun to think about. Seriously, if Netflix decided to drop a new season of Dawson's Creek starring Whitman, I would binge-watch like a boss!

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