8 ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Season 10 Feuds You Should Already Be Excited For

There's a reason why Real Housewives of Orange County has so many fans, and it's not only because it's the longest-running of all the 'wives franchises. The show still delivers on the most important thing a reality show can do: epic fights. Thankfully, on the upcoming Season 10 of Real Housewives of Orange County, there will be as many huge brawls as there are birthday parties or spa visits. More than any other show in the franchise, the Orange County Housewives, thanks to its many seasons on TV, really does go back for years; even new-ish cast members like Shannon Beador have made their mark in just a short time by starting plenty of feuds of their own in no time at all. It doesn't even matter who they are or when they arrived: these ladies always come prepared to fight.

Although other casts like the Real Housewives of New York City manage to keep calm when they're in a public place (leg throwing excepted), the Orange County Housewives' location far outside of a major city is practically begging for conflict. As Heather Dubrow once complained, there are "no good restaurants in Orange County," so most of the dinner parties are hosted in one of the ladies' mansions, which are so huge and cavernous — everything's spread out down in Southern California — that a screaming fight is basically necessary so each participant can hear what's going on.

Here are some of the fights you can expect to see on Season 10:

1. Vicki Vs. Tamra

This one's a gimme. Even if they start the season as best friends forever, they'll be screaming by the reunion. Or, more realistically, by the third episode. The two women they can't even get along without getting into a fight, always throwing out one comment too many that sets the other one off. What makes these two such great friends is also what makes them constantly argue.

2. The Beadors Vs. The Dubrows

One of the highlights of Season 9 was when Terry Dubrow allegedly said he wanted to "take the Beadors down," sparking off an epic feud about everything from Shannon and David (her husband) showing up late to a party to Terry Dubrow calling David a "penis" in the most unintentionally hilarious dad insult of all time. Really hope these two families go for round two this year.

3. Meghan Vs. Vicki

The new girl, Meghan King Edmonds, has said that she's already super close with Heather and Tamra, but that she's also gotten into some arguments with Vicki over the course of the episodes. In this Season 10 preview, it's clear that Vicki does her patented finger wag in response to something Meghan says.

4. Eddie Vs. Tamra

Being married to Tamra Judge can't be easy, even if you're as patient as Eddie is. And because they're also in business together, these two always get into some form of disagreement before the season is over. This year it looks like it will be over Tamra's son, Ryan, and how much financial support Eddie is willing to give to his step-grandson.

5. Shannon Vs. Heather

In addition to their familial fighting, these two had several tense showdowns over drinks in the last season. Even though technically they've made up before, I'm sure their two personalities — hippy dippy crystal lady for Shannon, uptight and mannered for Heather — will clash again.

6. Tamra Vs. Brooks

Tamra and Brooks have never gotten along, and he's even been responsible for the fitful friendship between Vicki and Tamra basically coming to an end for a while. And since Brooks' alleged cancer battle will come up this season, I expect Tamra will be the first person to call BS on him, whether or not she's right.

7. Vicki Vs. Briana

Vicki's daughter, Briana, hates Brooks as much as Tamra does, and the two even meet up in the season preview to discuss their skepticism about whether Brooks is really fighting cancer, or if this is somehow just a way for him to take advantage of Vicki.

8. Vicki Vs. Gravity

Don't underestimate this one: whenever there's some sort of extreme sport, be it whitewater rafting, ziplining, or simply hanging out in a rowboat, Vicki will find some way to turn it upside down. In some ways, it's the most epic Real Housewives of Orange County fight of all... because Vicki is always on the losing side.

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