Victoria Beckham Wants To Dress Hillary Clinton, So Here Are Five VB Designs That Are Presidential Hopeful Appropriate

Victoria Beckham has totally reinvented herself in the fashion world, so much so that I forget she was a Spice Girl until someone refers to the perennially non-smiling VB as "Posh." But when Victoria Beckham said she wanted to dress Hillary Clinton, I was immediately struck by the fact that styling or providing clothes for a presidential hopeful could elevate Beckham and her brand beyond the celeb fave status it already enjoys.

"I would love to dress her," Beckham's said referencing Clinton to CFDA Executive Director Fern Mallis, according to PEOPLE.

Beckham's pieces are often so impeccably tailored and easy to accessorize accordingly, so they can be worn by a variety of age groups. Having said that, it would seem like a wise choice for Hillary to go with VB as a designer. Plus, Beckham could design some dresses, some two-piece ensembles, or even pantsuits with Clinton in mind, focusing on details like crisp, clean lines, neutral colors, and a sophistication befitting a woman who wants to be the leader of the free world! That covers all the important stuff, right?

At the end of the day, though, here's the thing: Hillary Clinton's wardrobe doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter at all. As Diane Von Furstenberg brilliantly put it, "I think it’s ridiculous to focus on Hillary’s wardrobe. She is a woman of substance and she has wonderful confidence about her, and I think that if she is comfortable, that’s really all that matters."

DVF has a super important point here, but if two women as strong and successful as HRC and VB do come together to create some cool clothes at some point — I'm certainly not going to be upset about it. Here are five basic pieces from Victoria Beckham's eponymous fashion line that are a good place to start when it comes to dressing a politica like Hillary Clinton.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Keep in mind that I don't mean the shoes — just the main pieces as outlined. How cute is HC, by the way?

1. LBD

The clean lines and past-the-knee length of this sleeveless LBD would look terrific paired with nude patent leather heels and a simple, light blazer, or worn as is for a warm-weather, outdoor event.

2. Classic Cut

This classic shape would also be amazing, with different shoes, like a simple pair of black pumps, of course, for late summer and early fall campaigning. It's chic, simple, and ageless when accessorized right.

3. Jacket Love

This coat could top one of Hil's beloved pantsuits as she blazes that campaign trail.

4. Jacket Love Part 2

This is a simple way to punch up a monochromatic ensemble when shaking hands and kissing babies.

5. Pencil Pushing

Wouldn't it be killer if VB could redo this high-waisted pencil skirt in a presidential color? Maybe solid red, and HC could pair it with a white blouse? Or Mrs. Clinton could rock this and give it her own flair.

So. Many. Possibilities.

Images: Victoria Beckham (5); Getty Images (1)