Kate Moss Was Kicked Off A Plane For Disruptive Behavior, Adding Another Minor Controversy To Her List

No huge stranger to controversy or publicized arguments, supermodel Kate Moss was recently escorted off a plane due to disruptive behavior on her way back to London from a trip to Turkey, causing quite the stir. I may not be completely surprised, but come on now Kate: First of all, I expect a little more from a 41-year-old woman who has had life experience than most of us will have by the time we reach our 40s — and second of all, can we tone down the drama until at least noon?

Though there were no complaints from other flyers (to be fair — would you complain if you were sharing a plane with Kate Moss?), flight attendants contacted Bedfordshire police about a particularly disruptive passenger, which just so happened to be Kate Moss. Despite her dismissal from the flight, Moss has not been arrested, and no other details have been released regarding the situation.

Unfortunately, controversy is not a foreign concept for the supermodel. There was that one time Moss got down on all fours in a black leotard and basic bunny essentials (ears, tail and all) for the January/February 2014 issue of men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine Playboy which caused quite the commotion over her submissive pose. Of course, to many, that cover is now considered iconic and the controversy has dissipated, but still — Kate Moss is used to pushing boundaries.

And let us not forget Moss’ sometimes mantra, which she revealed in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily back in November of 2009: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." The pro-anorexia quote has decorated "thinspo" sites around the web and has been stitched on multiple pieces of clothing, including a Hudson Bay T-shirt in June of 2014, spread across a zero calorie nutrition label. The shirt itself may have had a short shelf life, but Moss’ words, however, still appear frequently on the web.

And who could forget when the supermodel's past cocaine addiction and alcoholism surfaced in the media after the book Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan was published in 2014? Moss is not the first or last celebrity (or human being, for that matter) to suffer from addiction issues and, despite whatever controversies she has been involved in recently, there's an important thing to remember here: Beauty and perfection are not synonymous.

I'm pulling for you, Kate. Safe travels back to London.