These Super Emotional Animal Portraits Are As Adorable As They Are Dramatic — PHOTOS

Generally, animals doing human things can be pretty alarming to look at. There is a certain human dalmatian that's still haunting our nightmares, and unfortunately, that's just the beginning of the parade of human-animal vibes the Internet has concocted and put out to the masses. There needs to be a happy medium between cute animal overload and animal photos that ~push the envelope~, but in the mean time, I'm just going to take neither genre seriously and direct my attention to Vincent Lagrange's emotional animal portrait series.

Vincent Lagrange, a photographer from Antwerp, Belgium, is capturing the human side of animals, but we sincerely appreciate that he's doing it in the least creepy way possible. He's taking serious, dignified portraits of animal's human characteristics. So, if you want a snobby portrait of your new cat, Fluffy, to set on the mantel, this is the Instagram for you.

This series is meant to be somber, so try not to LOL too audibly. The entire concept of the "Human Animals" series is inspired by Lagrange's cat, Dweizel, who is unfortunately no longer living. Apparently the hardest part of these shoots was getting the animals to sit still. (Not an overly surprising fact.)

Here are 10 of Lagrange's animal portraits that you need to see:

This cat

It seems only appropriate to start with the one who started it all. (Also, I wasn't kidding about the SOMBER vibe.)

This doggy

Lilly looks like a cross between a youthful pup and an older lady who just wants the kids across the street to SHUT UP. Can someone get her a blanket?

This kitty

This is the face of a human who just saw a picture of her friends having fun on Facebook at an event she wasn't invited to.

This cozy pup

We are all Charlie.

This owl

"B*tch better have my money" - Rihanna and/or this owl

This pretty pooch

If by "human animal" Lagrange meant "dogs with posture that's better than mine"...

This sleepy dog

Me at 4:30 p.m. doing my best "over it" face.

This zen canine

Buddha Dog: The New Face Of Relaxation in 2015.

This snake

I don't know what this snake's deal is because I don't speak Parseltongue.

This smug critter

All hail, King of the Wicker Chair.

Images: Vinnilagrange/Instagram