'The Fosters' Season 3 Spoilers From Star Hayden Byerly Hint At An Emotional Premiere

The wait is finally over, Fosters fans. After the series Season 2 finale ended with Jesus, Mariana, and Ana getting in a car crash on The Fosters, Season 3 will open up with everyone in the family dealing with the aftermath. With lives hanging in the balance, The Fosters Season 3 premiere on June 8 will undoubtably be emotional — especially for Hayden Byerly's Jude. The 14-year-old star dropped a few Fosters Season 3 premiere spoilers to Bustle, "Jude still has some memories of what it was like when his mom and dad were in a car crash," Byerly says, "and he’s just very scared." Honestly, I am, too.

Look, no Fosters fan will be surprised that the Season 3 premiere, "Wreckage," is going to be a doozy and the aftermath will probably be felt throughout the series' third season. A car crash is no joke — especially when the crash involves two of the Adams Foster children. But, for Jude, this crash is going to dig up a handful of painful memories. "Emotionally, he’s going to be very close to everyone and he’s going to be very accepting and understanding of what has happened," Byerly says of how the crash will affect Jude. "He kind of knows what it’s like to have someone go through these accidents," he says.

Jude's prior experience with tragedy isn't going to necessarily make him the rock to which the family clings during this difficult time. "I think that Jude is just really going to be affected in the same way as everyone else — it’s going to be hard for them to deal with this, but they will," Byerly says. So, does this mean we're looking at the Fosters possibly mourning the loss of one of their siblings?

The Season 2 finale kind of left it up in the air whether or not Jake T. Austin's — who won't be returning as a series regular in Season 3 — Jesus would survive the crash. But, Byerly teases, there are some really great episodes featuring the entire Foster clan coming up in Season 3. Sure, that's not confirmation that Jesus survived and is (hopefully) safely off at a boarding school getting his tattoo removed, but there's definitely hope for the family to come back from the tragedy of the crash. And, if anything, that's extremely comforting news.

Images: Andrew Eccles/ABC Family; thefosters-onabcfamily/Tumblr