Men Are More Likely To Forget An Anniversary Than Women, New Study Finds, Plus More Factors That Affect Remembering The Special Day

In a new study from, it was found that more than 1 in 3 men have forgotten their anniversary. Wait, this is not news. But the study did take a look at specific demographics, such as age and income level, to find out what kind of person remembers an anniversary — and who has a memory about as good as a goldfish. To be fair, 30 percent of women have also forgotten an anniversary, in comparison to 38 percent of men. So we're all a little out of it. But what about the other nuances?

The study found that people who make 75-99K are least likely to forget an anniversary (20 percent have forgotten), and people in the 0-24K income bracket are most forgetful (a whopping 43 percent). Southerners are great with anniversaries, with only 19 percent having ever forgotten that special day, whereas 39 percent of those in the West have forgotten. In the North, 25 percent have forgotten, and 38 percent of Midwesterners have spaced it. Interestingly, as far as anniversaries go, the older, the better: only 28 percent of people age 65 and up have ever forgotten their anniversary. That's especially saying something, as there are far more anniversaries to have remembered at that point.

This may have something to do with society, too: Perhaps anniversaries are given more importance in the South, or with couples who come from a different era. This could be. And maybe Westerners forget anniversaries because they're too busy running around in the ocean and soaking up rays. Who knows. In any event, here are a few literary, anniversary-worthy quotes, in case your anniversary is coming up and you need something to scrawl in a card.

1. Virginia Woolf on love:

2. Ernest Hemingway on love:

3. Marcel Proust on love:

4. Anton Chekhov on love:

5. Fyodor Dostoyevsky on love:

Images: Elena Signorini/Flickr; Giphy