Carolina Herrera Speaks Out About The Naked Dress

by Marc Cuenco

In fashion, it takes the wisdom of someone who has made her mark in the industry and forged a lasting career to set things straight about current trends. During a candid interview with The Washington Post, Carolina Herrera shared her thoughts about the naked dress and how more and more celebrities are showing up in less and less clothing than ever before. The designer even referred to stars such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez in skin-bearing gowns at the 2015 Met Gala.

“They’re supposed to be fashion icons and they’re not wearing anything,” Herrera said. “It’s an obsession now.” Of course, Herrera wasn't placing the blame on these stars. She also called out the designers who created the stars' sheer dresses and warned them of how much influence it has on younger people. Herrera believes it's a call for attention instead of fashion that inspired the nude illusion trend.

Herrera, who has designed glamorous dresses for Oscar winners and international beauties, as well as First Ladies like Jacqueline Onassis and Michelle Obama, who wore a Carolina Herrera blue printed dress to India last week, knows the beauty of showing a little skin and has even incorporated body-positive design elements throughout her fashion career. However, she also believes that there is a difference between creating a sexy dress vs. something that leaves very little to the imagination.

"Fashion is about proportion," Herrera said. “For me, fashion is about originality, sophistication, and beauty." As one of the most highly respected designers working today, she remains loyal to her own brand of glamour and doesn't feel the need to take cues from others' work. She even advised her peers who try to imitate the work of younger designers just to keep up with fads. It's something that neither Herrera nor her friend, the great Oscar de la Renta, ever attempted.

“He always [did] the same silhouette for his designs, but with a modern twist,” she said.

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