A Big Death Is Coming To 'Power' & That's Not All

After spending the entire first season teasing the lies built on top of lies, one of the biggest secrets of Power is finally out: Ghost now knows the truth. His lady love (er, not his wife, the woman he's cheating on her with) Angela is a federal prosecutor hunting down the drug organization that he runs. It’s a reveal that opens up a lot of new angles the show can play with now that we have left the double-blind situation. And from the sound of the Power Season 2 spoilers I was able to dig up, things are only going to get crazier and more bloody now that the secrets so prevalent during Season 1 have come to light.

There is a lot of awesome scoop coming out about this summer must-see series, including exclusive spoilers from Bustle's interview with showrunner Courtney Kemp-Agboh that requires heavy scrutiny to tide us over until the next episode airs. Unsurprisingly, it looks like a lot of love and family drama (which makes sense considering the major affair/double life Ghost is running) mixed with good old fashioned action. I think we we should brace ourselves because it's clear that someone will die on Power. For your obsessive pleasure, I’ve gathered the six juiciest tidbits of what’s coming up. Let’s dive in!

Cat's Out Of The Bag

I’ll admit I was a little concerned that we’d spend this entire season watching as Ghost knows all about Angela, and she remains in the dark about who he really is. Luckily, Agboh was clear that this would not be the case as she told Bustle, "There are some secrets that have been set up in Season 1, and the main secrets between Ghost and Angela will come out."

Big Love

While Agboh would only say that “relationships deepen” this season, I think it’s safe to assume that Angela and Ghost are two people not leaving each other anytime soon. This theory is supported by Lela Loren's (who plays Angela) statement to TV Line talking about Angela’s blind love for Ghost.

It is a true side to him, but it’s not the whole picture…Sometimes in relationships, you fall in love with someone and they hook you, and then you find something absolutely abhorrent about them — and sometimes it’s not enough to flick the love switch off.

Mama’s Home

So far we’ve met two mothers on the show, and they’ve each been pretty memorable. Tasha’s mother is a passive-aggressive pest, always telling her that she isn’t really secure on her own and she needs to do anything to keep her man. Tommy’s mother is severely troubled and has a history of drug abuse. Agboh told Bustle there’s more mom-fun to come, revealing, "we’re going to meet a character’s mother we haven't met before." I’m hoping it’s someone from Ghosts family, as we haven't met any of them yet (besides Tommy).

Ghost & Tasha Team Up

Ghost is clearly going to have to hustle, not just to get his club up and running again, but to move the massive amount of product he took on. It’s looks like that’s his version of couples therapy with Tasha, as according to TV Line, working with drugs helps Tasha feel like part of Ghost's world again.

She’s very into it... That’s the part of the season where you’ll see Ghost and Tasha bond again, because the drug game is where she’s needed.

Angela Has Work To Do

Ghost may just be the least of Angela’s problems with a new boss at the FBI. In the same TV Line article, Loren (who play's Angela) spilled that she is going to have to get her head in the work game, after the disaster that was her last investigation. "Can you imagine doing shady stuff, and getting your [informant] killed?" she said. "There’s going to be massive consequences for that."

Death Becomes Someone

Last but not least, we’re losing someone big this season, which should have a bigger impact than when Rolla was shot (OK, I know it mattered to Ghost but I struggled to remember who he was). Agboh told Bustle, "We are going to experience some pretty shocking deaths."

She later elaborated to TV Line that it would be "someone we have been invested in" and this death would be a bit of a sneak attack, saying, "A character is killed by someone who you never see come in."

Pretty ominous. Still, I think I can handle whatever Power throws my way this season, so long as it’s not the loss of Tommy.

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