Lady Gaga Carried Around A Teddy Bear

If you're Lady Gaga, wearing a sheer dress that reveals your entire body (minus the taped up nips) or rocking a bath robe with a side of eyebrow bling is entirely normal. But seeing Lady Gaga carrying around a teddy bear instead of a clutch made out of raw meat is actually somewhat surprising — of course, in a good way. I mean, the teddy bear is quirky, which fits her loud and spontaneous sense of style, but what surprises me is that she is pulling off the cutesy, innocent look just as well as her usual loud and fierce style. Lady Gaga, you never cease with the element of surprise!

Yesterday at the Belgrade airport, Lady Gaga wore a loose, flowy black dress with geometric prints along with black pumps and a pair of thick, frosty-framed cat eye sunnies. Her hair was curled and pulled back into a princess hairstyle. Her overall ensemble would've been a great summer casual look with a hint of professional style, but I feel like the teddy bear quickly turned her mature outfit into a youthful one. I really enjoy this change of style and I think Gaga looks great, but carrying around a teddy bear doesn't seem too practical — at least her raw meat clutch would be able to hold her cell phone.

But luckily, there are solutions! Here are three teddy bear-inspired alternatives, Miss Gaga.

1. Teddy Bear Phone Case

Why carry your teddy bear separately from your phone when you can turn your phone into a teddy bear?

2. Teddy Bear Purse

The fuzzy fabric will make it seem like you never left Teddy at home.

3. Teddy Bear Sweater

This sweater is sure to bring smiles to everyone who looks at you.

Images: @LadyGagaNowNet/Twitter, fitzmobile2/Instagram, linnnacht/Instagram (2)