Kris Cut Kylie Off Three Years Ago

Of all the celebrities I want to trade lives with, Kylie Jenner is definitely at the top of the list. She gets to hang out with Khloe Kardashian all the time, which is basically my dream, and she's rolling in cash. It's obvious that Kylie is nothing like your typical 17-year-old, but this basically makes it official. In an interview with UK In Style, Kylie said that Kris Jenner cut her off three years ago, when Kylie was just 14. Um, what?! Just so you know that I'm not making this up, her exact words were:

My mom cut me off financially three years ago so I pay for everything — my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes.

So essentially, when Kylie turned 14, Kris said, "This is it. Do your own grocery shopping, because I am done." Certainly the conversation didn't go exactly like that, though, since I'm guessing we're not getting the whole story here. And being that Kylie is far more independently wealthy than the rest of us (as teenagers and as adults with actual jobs) it was actually possible for her to support herself before she even got a driver's license. It still seems crazy to me that Kris would throw in the towel so early in her life, and I can't help but wonder if the same policy went for Kendall, too.

If my mom cut me off at 14, I would have been so screwed, especially since she drove me to work every day during my early teen years. But for Kylie, the world works a little differently, and so does the idea of paying your own bills before you can vote, drink, or buy lottery tickets.

The bank account situation was way different

When she was 14, Kylie probably had hundreds of thousands of dollars in her bank account, if not millions — mostly thanks to her Keeping Up paychecks. When I was 14, I had a savings account with, like, $2,000 in maturing savings bonds my grandparents gave me as a baby, and $10 in my Hello Kitty wallet. That couldn't have gotten me far at all, while Kylie probably could have bought her own home back then.

Kylie probably understood how the adult world actually works

Growing up, Kylie spent a lot of time around adults, so she's a lot more mature than your average teenager. She's also been exposed to a way different world than the rest of us because of her family's fame (and TV show). The rest of us were probably too busy avoiding our math homework and chatting up our crushes on AIM to even care what our parents and their friends were discussing over drinks. These are important life lessons we missed, guys!

Kylie's parents are more for emotional support than financial support

Even when Kris paid Kylie's way, she didn't need to — I'm guessing Kylie has had the resources to be an independent woman since elementary school. In fact, I'm pretty sure North could be an independent woman right now if she wanted to. I couldn't support myself 100 percent until after graduating college, so at 14? My flip phone would have been shut off about immediately.

And she had a zillion big sisters to help her

Low on cash? Just ask Kim. She's probably using hundred dollar bills as toilet paper.

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