Millie The Rock-Climbing Cat's Instagram Account Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Thing

It seems that in recent months, there has been an unusual (and adorable) rise of animal adventurers. Earlier this year we got to see the travels of Biddy the hedgehog, more recently we stared in awe of Maddie the dog take on the Midwest, and now there's a new adventurer in town named Millie the cat, a rock climber, adventurer, and, from the looks of her Instagram account, a snuggling enthusiast. Millie, who is frequently accompanied by her human photographer, Craig Armstrong, has a propensity for hiking through beautiful deserts, valleys, and rock formations. The photos, of course, are kind of the best.

On Millie and Armstong's website, "Climb Kitty," Armstrong explains a phenomenon called "catting," which is an important part of his adventures and travel philosophy. He writes:

Check out some of Millie and Armstrong's adventures below and follow them on Instagram @pechanga.

1. Millie in the Desert

2. Millie on the Road

3. Millie Navigating Some Tight Spaces

4. Millie at Alcatraz Canyon

5. Millie Taking a Quick Break with a Pretty Lady

Images: Fotolia; pechenga/Instagram (5)