Rock A Backless Dress Like Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's 2015 Tony Awards outfit on Sunday night was stunning. Though we should give credit where it's due — Calvin Klein designed quite the sequined number for the reality star — I’m applauding Jenner for having enough confidence to rock that pink, sequined Calvin Klein backless dress. If a celeb is bold enough to showed some skin on the red carpet, they are basically setting themselves up for the she-showed-too-much scrutiny or body shaming bullies, but Jenner did this dress justice and it shows in every photo.

Flaunting what you’ve got is not always a nod to one’s cleavage or booty, ladies. Letting your back breathe for a night is a surefire way of being subtly sexy, leaving basically everything to the imagination because the skin on your back looks identical to the skin on your collar bone, which you already expose to the world in your tank and tube tops during the spring and summer months, am I right?

I’m almost positive that the last time I wore a backless dress, if we aren’t counting sleeveless numbers, was for prom four years ago. This is not because I dislike backless dresses or feel uncomfortable wearing them, but honestly because I loathe backless bras.

However, this is no excuse to ignore the fabulous fashion statement that is a backless dress. I guess I’ll just have to stop my whining and put up with it for the love of a knockout ensemble. Whatever your qualms are about backless dresses — it droops too low, the strapless bra is a pain and a half, and so on, you need to put behind you, and here’s why: Confidence.


Your evening outfit does not have to pop your chest and emphasize your booty to scream sex appeal. Confidence is sexy, and so is subtlety.

Body positivity not only refers to your chest, bottom and midsection. Body positivity is loving every inch of the skin you're in and honesty, we hardly pay enough tribute to our backs. And, like anything else, we have full control over how much or how little we show off.

Check out seven backless dresses you can rock just as well as Kendall Jenner at the Tonys below and remember next time you go out on the town, bring that sexy back.

1. MissGuided

Open Back Zip Detail Midi Dress in Burgundy, $56.00,

2. LuLu's

Let Her Zip! Backless Black Dress, $57.00,

3. Chic Nova

Round Neckline Lace Backless Dress, $16.32,

4. MissGuided

Lace Backless Mini Dress in Black, $40.00,

5. Kate Spade New York

Backless Silk Mini Dress, $238.00,

6. Bariano Bianca

Backless Black Peplum Dress, $159.00,

7. Paper Dolls

Petite Floral Pencil Dress With Plunge Back, $87.00,

Images: Courtesy Brands