We Can't Believe This Beard Swimming Cap Exists

Nothing kills a luscious, thick beard like chlorine water. At least, I hope that's the explanation behind the newest (and possibly craziest?) beard accessory. Virgin Trains created a swimming cap for beards, and we can't believe this is a real thing.

The U.K. training company, Virgin Trains, developed a prototype Lycra swim cap specifically designed to minimize facial hair shedding while in the water. Virgin Trains teamed up with the Great North Swim, the largest swimming event in U.K. which takes place June 12-14.

So, yeah: the beard mask/cap thingy is a bit of a publicity stunt. Still, Virgin Trains has a point: according to a study commissioned by the company, 12 percent of 2,000 swimmers reported slower swim times thanks to, in their opinion, bushy facial hair.

Nearly a quarter of the men surveyed felt their beards hindered their sports performance, according to Virgin Trains. The study also revealed that the UK cities with the most bearded men were Birmingham, London and Norwich.

While beards have been "in" for some time, the intense bro-love for beards is starting to fade. Beard health and sanitation has been called in to question, with some articles claiming that beards are about as clean as toilets. Talk about mood killer.

Further, Men's Journal is calling all men to take up their razors and say goodbye to the beard trend.

Personally? I love a man's man with a beard. I'm basic like that. What I do not love? The ridiculous lengths men have (and, sometimes, choose) to go to maintain their facial hair. My bearded husband has more hair care products than I do. The oils, shampoos, and wax is enough — let's draw the line at beard swim caps, shall we?

Image: Courtesy Of Virgin Trains