Here's How To Get A Free Baby In The Kim K. Game

I am not only menace who cannot move on from Kim Kardashian’s iPhone game, but I am also a menace who was unreasonably stoked to find out that babies are a now a part of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Couldn't wait to set up nurseries for a 2D bundle of joy in all of my avatar's multiple mansions. Alas, my avatar’s dreams of motherhood were nearly dashed when I found out just how many K Stars/actual dollars it’d cost to adopt. (Welp, that was a weird sentence.) Sure, I could head on over to the Starshop and shell out real cashola for hundreds of K Stars, but I refuse to spend more than $0.00 on this mobile game. So, I've decided to try to get a KK:H baby for free. (Aaaaand the weird sentences keep on keepin' on. I am on fire today.)

The first option: make my avatar start a romantic relationship with another character, max out the relationship points, and then have a baby with the significant other. KURSES. Relationships in this game are such a pain! Not interested in going that route. My avatar wants to live her life without worrying about her significant other calling her up only to be like, "Gimme a pile of K Stars, or we're breaking up right now." Is that so much to ask?

Moving on to option two: you can always save up 160 K Stars. There are two ways to get ahold of these coins: a) spend real dinero on 'em, or b) collect 'em as you play the game. Like I said before, I want to adopt a KK: H baby for free, so no, I am not about to shell out actual kash. So, it looks like option b is my best bet.

So, how does one acquire those silver, glimmering discs? Bustle’s own Martha Sorren put together a very handy K Stars tip sheet shortly after the game launched, and you can check it out here. However, with game updates comes great responsibility, er, new ways to earn K Stars. Yes, KK: H has added a few more ways to scoop up those rare pieces of kurrency:

Get ‘em from the daily gift boxes

Once a day, the game will present you with eight gift boxes. Some of those gift boxes contain K Stars. If you choose wisely, you will walk away with fresh K Stars.

Keep an eye out for special weekend events

Keep your peepers peeled on Friday afternoons, because that's when the game usually lets you know about limited time events. Sometimes, if you earn enough points during a limited time event, you will get to open one out of eight special gift boxes. What might be inside the special gift box you select? It could be a clothing item, a piece of jewelry, a hairdo, lightning bolts, money, or a BOATLOAD of K Stars.

Play the slots at the Miraggio Casino

If you land on 3 K Stars, guess what you earn? JUST GUESS.

V.I.P. hangouts

If you invite Kim to a project, Khloe to a photo shoot, or Kourtney to an appearance, you could end up 5 K Stars richer.

The katch: you must earn 5 crowns while completing the task.

There you have it, folks. 10 ways to secure those coins for zero real dollars. Yeah, it'd be both quicker and less tedious to just pony up the IRL cash and purchase a bunch of K Stars, but if you're incredibly patient, you have the power to slowly but surely earn the 160 necessary to adopt a KK: H baby for free.

I'm 153 K Stars away, but I am not going to give up. I will never give up on my avatar's dreams.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Hollywood (5)