How to Get K Stars Without Paying

It's no secret that I'm addicted to Kim Kardashian's iPhone game. But with that addiction comes some drawbacks, like how incredibly hard it is to earn silvery K stars. (I'm still mad they're not called Kardashian Koins, btw.) Despite how difficult it is to earn the stars, they power, like, 99 percent of the game. Want to charm a date? Five stars. Want to adopt a cat? 20 stars. Want to buy a new outfit or accessory? Infinity stars. Seriously, clothing costs too much in this game and it's very depressing. It takes, like, a whole week to earn 20 stars and you can only buy one frumpy sweater with that.

Yes, you can purchase extra K stars with real money, and likely that's the sinister motive behind everything costing so much — Kim wants your money. But since I don't have the luxury of spending real dollars on fake koins, I had to learn the hard way how to earn K stars for free in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Your progress will be slower, but you won't be spending real world money so you'll be a winner in the end. Tortoise and the hare and all that. Just keep telling yourself that whenever you almost cave and bust out your credit card to buy those 60-star cheetah print heels.

Here are six ways to rack up K stars without paying any money.


Every time you fill your people point bar you move up a level, and you always get one or two K stars. People points can be collected during dates and jobs, but also from pigeons, signs, trees and more. Visit our cheat sheet for a list of all the game's objects you can click on to get rewards. Don't forget to double tap each people point or dollar bill to double your rewards and get more energy!


Click the check mark at the bottom right hand of the screen to view your achievements. These are special tasks you can complete to earn more K stars. For example, to earn the "barfly" one, try buying drinks at one of the game's many clubs. When you're at an event or on a date, click the buttons that let you "do a shot" and such. Basically anything to do with alcohol will help you fill up your barfly achievement and win a K star.

There are a lot of achievements to earn, so scroll through the list to see which ones you'd like to try. It doesn't tell you exactly what to do, but a little common sense will tell you things like the "vanity" achievement is probably best earned by buying new clothes and changing up your look regularly. "Foodie" is probably best earned by eating food on dates, etc.


If you hound your friends to join the game, you can win K stars. Click the phone button on the bottom right side of the screen and then click the "invite friends" button. For every new friend that tries the game, you win a star. But if they're already playing the game, you're out of luck. No doubt this is probably how one Kim K. addict mistakenly posted that tweet about the game to the EPA account.

They just wanted to invite some new friends and get some K stars!


Click the plus sign next to your star count. Then, instead of purchasing a star pack, click the last box that reads, "Get free stars." There you have an option to watch a video offer in exchange for one K star. The ads are about 30 seconds long and the game will only let you watch about three ads per day, so don't be discouraged if it tells you it can't play the video. Try again in a few hours to see if it works then!


Also underneath the "Get free stars" tab is the option to fill out other offers. I don't really suggest this one though unless you're prepared with a fake email address or you don't mind getting spam. A lot of the offers force you to make a real-world purchase like signing up for a magazine subscription or a Hulu Plus account. If you've always wanted Cosmopolitan magazine, now's your chance to rack up stars while you're at it.

You can also fill out some of the "no purchase to enter" sweepstakes for a much smaller amount of stars. But like I said, be prepared with a working email address that isn't your main account. You'll also want an address and phone number that won't link to your real ones either. Google is probably your friend here unless you just want to use your real address and get junk mail. The information you enter will get sold to third party websites, trust me.


Last Friday, the game crashed for a while and people took to Twitter to rant about how upset they were that they couldn't finish their photo shoots. Well Kim and her team heard us and rewarded us with about 20 K stars for our troubles. So next time the game won't load — which is pretty often — unload your feelings on Twitter in the hopes that Kim will once again come through.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (6)