This 'Finding Carter' Death Will Crush Elizabeth

There have been a lot of heartbreaking moments so far on MTV's Finding Carter, but the end of Tuesday's episode may have taken the cake. During last week's episode, Elizabeth and David got back together on Finding Carter and it meant one very important thing — that they'd have to call off their other relationships just when Elizabeth and Kyle were starting to get serious. And, as if watching Elizabeth tell Kyle that they couldn't be together didn't crush our hearts into dust enough, Kyle died on Finding Carter trying to protect Elizabeth from being shot by Crash's uncle. Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out now.

Honestly, I thought that Kyle would survive the gunshot for sure — I mean, look at what happened with Max in Season 1, not to mention the fact that Kyle's death would mean that Gabe is now an orphan (*tears up*). But, unfortunately, there was only so much Crash's army training, Elizabeth's field skills, and the hospital's surgeons could do before the inevitable occurred. Just like that, watching Kyle tear up and tell Elizabeth that he loved her after she broke things off with him seemed like a drop in the bucket compared to watching Liz break down telling the Wilsons that Kyle had died. For Finding Carter's first character death, they sure picked a truly emotional doozy.

And, while this isn't what's important right now — seriously, I'm very worried about where Gabe will live and what he will do without his BFF dad — Kyle's death is clearly going to devastate Elizabeth and probably put a damper on her reunion with David. Elizabeth had real feelings for Kyle before and during her separation, regardless of whether she decided to try again with David. Those feelings don't just go away and for Kyle to die literally days after she called off their relationship, Elizabeth doesn't have a chance to ever see what kind of future they could've had together.

Will Elizabeth even allow David to comfort her with this? And how in the hell is David going to comfort his wife in the wake of the death of her former affair? As usual, things are complicated in the Wilson house. But, really, I can wait to see how Elizabeth does with this — the person I'm really worried about here is Gabe.

Image: screengrab/MTV; findingcarter/Tumblr