How Chris Pratt Got In 'Jurassic World' Shape

It was the photo seen 'round the world: then-Parks and Rec star Chris Pratt, his shirt off to reveal a set of abs no one knew existed. Before the selfie hit the Internet, fans had never seen the actor looking so fit; on his NBC sitcom, his body had even been the subject of plenty of lighthearted jokes and ridicule. Yet as the star revealed, the transformation was all for his starring role in last year's Guardians of the Galaxy, which required him to be in action-star shape. Considering how good he already looked for that movie, it wouldn't be a shock if he didn't need to change a thing when it came time for filming his newest action movie. So, after all that he'd done already, did Chris Pratt have to work out for Jurassic World ?

According to the actor, most of the work he did to get in shape was stuff he was already doing in his everyday life, thanks to his new attitude on health and fitness. In order to get fit for Guardians, Pratt stopped drinking beer, ate a much healthier (but higher-calorie) diet, and frequently exercised, utilizing a personal trainer for several sessions a week. According to Men's Fitness, the workouts varied from bodybuilding to mountain biking, with the actor keeping up the routine for over six months. When all was done, he'd lost an incredible 60 pounds.

After filming was over, the most intense aspects of the regimen ceased, yet Pratt told People that he felt confident he could maintain a healthy lifestyle, and clearly (I mean, just look at the guy), he's succeeded. As he told Men's Health U.K recently, he's a more energetic, less tired, and generally happier person than he was when he was overweight, and has no intention of gaining it back. So when it was time to prep for Jurassic World, no major change was needed to get Pratt fit for the part, because the actor already had the muscle, stamina, and willpower gained from his time training for Guardians.

Still, judging by the responses Pratt's body has gotten from fans recently, you wouldn't be crazy if you thought he'd lost those 60 pounds yesterday. Here are a few of the best reactions to the actor's new(ish) body:

And this girl, keeping it real:

Image: Universal Pictures