Bella Hadid Looks Naturally Fierce In 'Glamour'

Good genes obviously run in the Hadid family because both sisters are undeniably gorgeous, but modeling must run in the family, too because Bella Hadid poses in the July issue of Glamour looking like a bronzed goddess. Between the makeup and the styling, you’re definitely going to want to copy her look this summer. Hadid's got the whole modeling thing down! Do I sense a little bit of friendly sibling rivalry?

Sporting various designer brands, the younger Hadid sister proves that Gigi isn’t the only Hadid who can model. From Proenza to Céline, this Hadid sister wears some of the best clothes to layer this summer. Chunky knits and slip dresses are so the way to go, and if you didn’t believe that before, well, you certainly will now.

Yes, the clothes she’s wearing are amazing, but can we talk about her makeup for a minute? With pinks and browns dusting her eyes and cheeks, she looks perfectly tanned and oh-so-natural. This is how I want to look all summer long! She’s just too much inspiration right now.

Get inspired by Hadid’s look by taking a look at these pics from her spread in Glamour. And as far as this possible sibling rivalry we’ve got on our hands goes — I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us!

May the best sister win!