Spencer Could Have Been A — For Real

If you thought that the Pretty Little Liars reveal that Big A is a secret member of the DiLaurentis family was the craziest thing to happen on this show, then wait until you hear who could have taken up the A game along with Charles. According to Troian Bellisario, the character who almost got sucked into the A game for real was none other than one of the four girls Charles is so hellbent on tormenting: According Bellisario's interview with the guys over at the podcast Bros Watch PLL Too, Spencer could have been apart of the A team — and not just as a double agent.

So, what almost went down? Most fans will remember how, back in Season 3, Spencer had a breakdown following the reveal that her beloved boyfriend Toby was a member of the A team. She ended up teaming with Mona and Toby in order to gather intel on the real person running the A game — but that's not how it was initially supposed to go down. Here's what Bellisario said could have happened:

"I was supposed to be dark for like, a long time, and that was something that actually the network got freaked out about. They were supposed to end the season with me... finding out Toby was A and then me being A, and you thinking that I was fully working to take down the girls... That's why it was such a quick turnaround with Hanna trapping me, and me saying very quickly, 'I'm a double agent.'"

OK, OK, let's all back up here — does that mean that Spencer could have plotted to destroy her friend's lives the same way that A did to her? It certainly puts the "Aria is A" theory into perspective — I always thought that the writers would never pin one of the girls against the others, but now I'm not entirely sure.

Of course, if any of the girls would take over the role of A, I'm not entirely surprised that it was almost Spencer. I definitely don't want her to go join Charles in his plans to torture, but if Spencer did become A, I have no doubt that she'd be great at it. Here's why she'd make a pretty awesome A, even if that's the last thing fans want her to be:

She's The Smartest Girl In The Room

When Spencer isn't trying to track down A, she's getting straight A's and beating everyone in Scrabble.

She Has A Quote For Every Situation

Those A messages don't write themselves.

She's An Amazing Sleuth

Spencer is always tracking down clues to A's real identity, but A does quite a bit of sleuthing himself. How else would he know absolutely everything there is to know about the girls?

She Spent Some Time In Radley

Sure, it doesn't necessarily make her a good member of the A team, but it seems that every A has had a major connection to the sanitarium at one point or another.

She's An Avid Reader

A clearly has read a book or two in his lifetime (like Lolita and Breakfast At Tiffany's, perhaps?) but you can bet that Spencer's A clues would reference everything from Madame Bovary to The Hobbit.

She's A Hastings

Being shady is in their DNA.

She Looks Damn Good In A Hoodie

Almost as good as she looks in blazers and printed tops.

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