Tavi Gevinson Loves Fearless Fashion

Tavi Gevinson is without a doubt a fashion pioneer. At 11 years old, she started her own fashion blog and developed it into a little site you may have heard of called Rookie. Now, she's branched out of the world of fashion and into acting, but she's still got more than a few things to say about fashion and beauty. Speaking to Glamour, Gevinson names Willow Smith as her style icon and gives readers some insight into her best beauty advice.

Gevinson is basically a gold mine of fashion and beauty advice for the readers of Glamour. We could go on and on about her many accomplishments and why you should love her, but at the moment, let's focus on how the 19 year old fashion wunderkind is linking back to another stylish teen. When asked who her beauty icon is, Gevinson answers, "Willow Smith is amazingly confident in her work and makes me feel like I can do anything.” Seeing the teen refer back to another, younger woman is refreshing, not to mention Willow Smith actually is a total fashion and beauty badass.

Gevinson doesn't just gush about Willow Smith's beauty routine, but she also speaks about her own beauty needs, specifically in her high school years. She explains, "I wish I’d taken better care of my skin in high school. I’ve gotten more serious about everyday maintenance." Her recent emphasis on daily care may come from her partnership with Clinique. The importance of skincare, however, wasn't the only thing she learned in high school. She went on to say, "I learned in high school that it felt worse to second-guess my wardrobe choices than it did to be made fun of. When I’d change my outfit to something more 'normal,' I’d come home to the stuff I’d really wanted to wear and think, I should have worn that!" Gevinson's insistence on being true to her own style is one of the things we love most about the talented lady.

In the rest of the interview with Glamour, Gevinson goes on to discuss her favorite hair color, the trick to a cat eye, and just how her busy lifestyle impacts her beauty routine. The teen is definitely someone to keep your eye on if you're looking to stay up to date on the latest trends. She's all about staying true to herself but also pushing the boundaries of fashion. Basically, Gevinson is a fearless fashionista that we love to watch grow, so head over to Glamour and check out the rest of Gevinson's interview.

Images: Tavi Gevinson/Instagram