Kendall Is Trying To Be The New 'Dance Moms' Star

In the Season 5B premiere of Dance Moms, someone other than Maddie Ziegler got the spotlight offered to them by Abby Lee Miller. Kendall Vertes had her music video premiere for her single "Wear 'Em Out" during the June 9 episode. And, it begs the question, is Dance Moms' Kendall becoming the new Maddie Ziegler? Maddie is the most famous of the Dance Moms girls, best known for her work with musician Sia. But Abby Lee Miller is also the manager for Kendall (backed by her mom Jill) so who knows what heights Kendall's career can reach. In the summer season premiere of Dance Moms, Kendall (who goes by the name Kendall K for her music career) got to watch her music video "Wear Em Out" in front of a large crowd all cheering for her, and it seems her star is on the rise.

With "Wear 'Em Out" featuring an air force theme, a drum shooting off gold glitter (to be fair, that was kind of cool), and a dance solo (of course), Kendall has now joined her fellow Dance Moms' dancers Mackenzie and Nia in releasing music videos. Maddie may not have her own pop song (yet), but she's appeared in three of Sia's music videos — and had numerous live performances with the Australian singer. I don't think Maddie's hold on being the standout Dance Moms dancer will be loosened anytime soon, but as Nia's mom Holly commented, there should be enough opportunities for all of the girls. And, interestingly enough, Kendall had Maddie assistant choreograph her music video, so it's good to know that all of this fame isn't affecting the girls' friendship.

With the Abby Lee Dance Company officially moving to Los Angeles to become the ALDC: LA, Kendall not only got to show off her new music video, but she was supposed to do a solo in their first Los Angeles dance competition. Unfortunately, it was cut due to a lack of a costume, but the episode was entitled "Live from L.A.: It's Kendall K," so the summer premiere really did put the focus on Kendall — a rarity for the Maddie-centric show.

Kendall's song "Wear Em Out" is now available to purchase on iTunes and I gotta admit, the song could catch on. But, for now, it's nowhere near as epic as a Sia-Maddie collaboration.