Mona Was MIA On 'Pretty Little Liars' This Week

Hey, Pretty Little Liars, can I talk to you for a minute? See, we have a major issue, because you forgot about someone really important in Tuesday's episode "Songs of Innocence": Mona. She was part of the whole dollhouse imprisonment, and now that the Liars are out, we should know how she's fairing, too. However, she was completely absent from the episode, which only begs the question, where was Mona on Pretty Little Liars this week? Thankfully, even though we didn't see her on-screen, we can figure out where she was thanks to everything else happening in Rosewood.

Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily found themselves in the hospital, and Sara Harvey was just a ways down the hall. They were treated for their time in the dollhouse, and obviously Sara was there the longest, but fell somewhere between her and the Liars. After what we saw her go through, I like to think Mona received some extensive medical treatment upon her dollhouse escape. While a thorough checkup most definitely happened, she was then whisked away in police custody.

This information comes close to the end of the episode, and it's a super quick conversation between Mrs. Hastings and Spencer. Don't worry if you totally missed it, I didn't really pick up on it the first time myself. But Veronica gave Spencer an update on everything that's happened, and she mentioned that the Rosewood PD have decided against charging Mona for faking her own death, which framed Ali and sent her to jail.

It's this little tidbit of information that gave us the key to Mona's whereabouts. She left the dollhouse, and immediately went from the hospital to the police. They then needed to question her, of course, about her disappearance, all that fake blood, and everything else that happened both before and after her "death."

Now that Mona is once again a free woman — both from her criminal charges and from the dollhouse — that means we can expect her to get back to trying to crack this Charles mystery wide open with the rest of the Liars. I imagine we'll see her just as shaken and confused as everyone else, but this is Mona we're talking about. Nothing is scary enough to bring her down, not even imprisonment in Big A's dollhouse.

It would have been nice to see Mona in "Songs of Innocence," but I understand that the action needed to focus on the four main Liars, plus Sara. I can only imagine what will happen when their powers combine. Then when you throw Ali into the mix? Charles better watch out.

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