Ranking The Many 'Friends' Weddings

The show may be called Friends, but that doesn't mean there wasn't some serious romance going down on the beloved sitcom. Whether it was through relationships between main characters or guest stars, the series wasn't afraid to show people walking down (or running away from) the aisle, and so it's time to rank the weddings on Friends . In the course of 10 seasons, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross had a lot of hookups and dates, but there weren't actually that many marriages on the show. Well, with the exception of Ross — third time's not the charm, amiright, buddy?

Not all of the weddings on the show had happy endings (sorry, Barry and Mindy — you didn't deserve happily ever after that much anyway), but the most memorable and iconic weddings did bring fans of Friends joy and lots of happy tears. Whether your favorite Friends couple is Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Mike, or Ross and Rachel, there's a wedding for you in this list. (Sorry Rachel and Joey 'shippers, there's nothing for you here! Ross and Rachel forever!) Here are the Friends weddings ranked from "meh" to "awww" — and I think you can guess who takes the number one spot.

8. Frannie & Stuart

The wedding that caused the least amount of long-term drama on Friends was when Monica and Ross' cousin Frannie got married in Season 7 — and Monica wasn't invited. Since the rest of the Gellers were going, Monica was understandably outraged and insisted on going as Ross' date. Turns out she wasn't invited since she used to date the groom. Womp, womp! It's OK, Monica, you had a much better wedding to attend later that season (aka her own).

7. Barry & Mindy

For some seriously bizarre reason, the Season 2 finale found Rachel as the maid of honor at her ex-fiancé Barry and ex-maid of honor Mindy's wedding, dressed as Little Bo Beep. With Rachel so vulnerable, boyfriend Ross showed how kind and loving he was by supporting her through the rough time, including assisting her in singing a rendition of "Copacabana." However, if Rachel and Ross' relationship grew from this wedding, Monica and Richard's didn't — the two broke up on the dance floor.

6. Rachel & Barry

Rachel and Barry's wedding didn't actually happen since Rachel escaped through a bathroom window before the ceremony, but her runaway bride act set up the entire premise of the show. What would Friends be without Rachel living with Monica? Plus, can we talk about that wedding dress? I think all fans of Rachel Green are happy that she didn't end up having to take a zillion photos in that gown.

5. Carol & Susan

If this wedding involved a main character, it would definitely be higher on the list since Friends broke ground by being the first series to show a lesbian wedding back in 1996 with the aptly-titled Season 2 episode "The One with the Lesbian Wedding." Candace Gingrich (Newt Gingrich’s sister), a real-life gay rights activist, officiated the wedding between Ross' first wife Carol and the woman she left him for, Susan. Monica catered the event, and when Carol's parents refused to attend, Ross got over his feelings of rejection and walked Carol down the aisle.

4. Rachel & Ross

As far as weddings go, Ross and Rachel's drunken nuptials in Las Vegas were far from classy or traditional. But the Season 5 finale was such a hilarious shock — especially since Monica and Chandler came so close to being the ones to get hitched in Vegas, and Ross and Rachel weren't even dating. While this wedding also wasn't shown going down onscreen, it was between the two characters that were always causing the most romantic trouble and it was something a lot of fans secretly wanted. Plus, it led to the other characters being able to tease Ross forever about his three failed marriages.

3. Ross & Emily

I'll speak for all fans here and say that while no one really wanted Ross to end up with Emily, their wedding led to one of the greatest scenes in all Friends history. In the Season 4 finale, Ross and Emily got married in London (a too pregnant Phoebe had to stay in New York). Rachel decided she should go to the wedding at the last minute since she still loved Ross — and then Ross said Rachel's name instead of Emily's during the vows. (Oh snap!) They still got married, but the marriage didn't last long. And to top off the epicness of the London wedding, it was the first time Monica and Chandler hooked up!

2. Phoebe & Mike

Despite the fact that Phoebe and Mike had broken up previously, since Mike thought he never wanted to get married again, this adorable pair knew they were meant to be together forever. Phoebe and Mike's outdoor ceremony during a blizzard was so beautiful — even if wedding planner Monica had gone a little power hungry. After lots of shenanigans, Chandler walked Phoebe down the aisle, Joey officiated, Ross held the groomsmen dog Chappy, and the most free-spirited of all the Friends officially tied the knot in Season 10.

1. Monica & Chandler

Although Ross and Rachel were the pair that Friends watchers all thought we'd end up caring about the most, the show threw us a curveball when it paired up Monica and Chandler — and gave us the sweetest and most-functional relationship of the entire show. Season 7 was building towards their wedding and ended with a two-part finale. Chandler panicked about the wedding and fled in the first part, but I never doubted that these two would make their love official. Besides their relationship making me cry, Friends gave us another gut-punch with the reveal that Rachel was pregnant at their wedding.

Ah, but that's a topic for another list, let's give Monica and Chandler a well-deserved moment to shine.

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