Guy Leaves NYC To Live In A Treehouse

I think if we were all being real, real honest with ourselves then we would all just admit that we're going through the motions of adulthood until we can seize the chance to finally live out our childhood dreams of living in a treehouse. All those "Magic Treehouse" books gave me some wild expectations that I still need the universe to fulfill, OK? And just in case you needed any more inspiration, this guy who left New York City to live in a treehouse should be more than enough of an excuse for you to pack your bags and follow suit. The time is now, fellow Tarzans and Janes. Follow your jungle bliss.

27-year-old Foster Huntington had a cushy job in the fashion industry, and everyone knows from the obviously super accurate cinematic masterpiece that is The Devil Wears Prada that fashion is where it's at. But Huntington decided he'd had enough, and up and left for a property in Washington State that his parents owned, to build a treehouse.

“I could’ve bought a house,” said Huntington to the New York Times. “But this is so much better. For me, it’s realizing a childhood dream.”

He didn't stop at just one treehouse, though. There are actually two, which he has dubbed the "Cinder Cone" and the "Octagon," connected by a bridge and overlooking a giant concrete skate park installed on the ground. Since then he has had what he describes as a "bronado" of visitors, whose adventures are chronicled on his popular Instagram page.

In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.

You can learn more about the project and the building process here:

Image: fosterhunting/Instagram