Get The Benefits Of Sardines Without The Taste

I am an all-natural beauty fanatic, so when I heard about the skin benefits of sardines, I was thrilled. According to PopSugar, eating sardines leads to glowing skin in as little as three days. Yes, you read that right. In under a week you can get better skin by simply changing up your diet. Sounds easy, right?

Eating the oily little fish is a part of the anti-inflammatory diet that nutritionists recommend patients get on to see skin improvements. But, there's one catch — you'd actually have to eat sardines to receive the benefits. That's all well and good if you like them, but if you don't, well... According to PopSugar, the slimy snack has more omega-3s than salmon and contain high levels of B-12, protein, calcium, and iron. So, basically, if you can get past the taste, you're on your way to flawless skin heaven.

But this isn't practical for a lot of at-home beauty gurus out there. Sardines might be inexpensive, but many think they're kind of (okay, extremely) gross. Can't handle the taste? No worries! There are skin care products out there that have amped up their omega-3s so you don't have to eat anything slimy, but can still get all the benefits. Think of it as a tiny win for everyone with skin!

1. Omega-3 + Olive Oil

Omega-3 Olive Oil Beauty Therapy, $30, Amazon

Not into eating the oily little fish? Rub this serum on your face instead. This olive oil will restore your skin and make you look stress free in the time it would take you to stomach the snack.

2. Omega-3 + Vitamin A

Omega-3 Optimum Skin Oil, $45, Amazon

This transforming oil will re-energize your skin cells and keep you looking healthier. With just two to three drops under your moisturizer in the morning, you can get all the benefits of eating sardines.

3. Omega-3 + White Birch

Omega-3 And White Birch Cream Cleanser, $34, Amazon

Apply this cleanser at night and get clean skin while adding some essential vitamins that the body needs. Think of it as a midnight snack for your face — that you don't have to eat.

4. Omega-3 + Chamomile

Omega-3 Repair Complex Irritation, $45, Amazon

Sooth irritated skin while repairing your cells from the inside out with this 100% natural nightly cream. You can now hydrate skin without having to eat fish or drink tea. I'd say that's a win!

5. Omega-3 + Sweet Almond Oil

Omega-3 Softening Body Milk, $24, A mazon

Pamper yourself with a daily face massage to get rid of your irritated skin. This product hydrates skin while giving your face a relaxing massage. Sounds like a spa day in a bottle!

Images: Courtesy Brands