Violinist Thinks She Won Award, Buuut She Did Not

If an awkward thing happens in a forest and nobody is there to put it on the internet, does the awkward thing happen at all? My sad internet philosophies aside, it's undeniable that we've seen a lot of cringeworthy moments put on blast by the world wide web. Whether it's failed promposals or your kid dropping the eff bomb out of nowhere, if it happened, the internet will find it. Nobody knows that better than this violinist who thought she won an award, and basically lived out everyone's worst nightmare when she went onstage to collect it. The awkward is so palpable that it's not even sauce anymore. It has basically hardened into a brick wall of awkward.

My sympathy for this girl goes above and beyond the sympathy I have for my actual, real human friends. Guys, this could happen to any of us. This girl in particular was screwed over from the start, because she and the other violinist had ridiculously similar names. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on because none of it is in English, but the core of what happened is impossible to miss. Here's the moment that they called her name:

And then the inevitable moment they had to break it to her.

It physically hurts me. I want to send her a teddy bear and chocolate and all ten seasons of Scrubs (no matter what kind of journey you take in life, you will never be as awkward and JD and Elliott). Whoever you are and wherever you are, violin girl, you should be proud of yourself anyway. You obviously worked super hard for whatever this award was for, and can take extreme comfort in knowing that if you survived this hot mess, you can survive just about anything.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(2)