16 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Some people were just born for Instagram, and will rightly take their place in the most inspiring Instagram accounts hall of fame. Like, I respect that Instagram wasn't around yet when we were all birthed into this world, but it would eventually become some of y'all's destinies to amass a ton of followers by 'gramming pictures of your breakfast. I respect your journey. I, for one, have nominated myself as the world's worst photographer, and was so late to the Instagram party that I don't trust myself to pick a filter on my own, let alone post something. Thankfully there are plenty of actually competent humans to pick up the slack where photo failures such as myself have left off.

I don't know what kind of person you pretend to be on Instagram, but I do know that I am 100% on board with people's filtered, perfectly angled versions of their truths. Instagram has a way of taking something extraordinary and eternalizing it in a pocket-sized, perfect snippet for the internet. Hell, even things that seem totally ordinary seem amazing on Instagram. You can feel the Insta inspo wherever you go. But if you're hungry for more inspiration on Instagram, be it wander lust, empowerment, or an all-purpose brand of inspo, then here are some of the accounts you should be following right now:


Married couple Dave and Deb have traveled to some of the most breathtaking places in the world, and lucky for the internet, they have chronicled all of their journeys, one insane landscape at a time.


I'm pretty sure that Kate Arends' life is what a sentient Pinterest board looks like. The rest of your life may be in a total clutter, but here, everything is organized and beautiful and bright.


Tanesha Awasthi, a body positive beauty and fashion blogger who heads up Girls With Curves, Instagrams major fashion inspo while balancing work and family like a total boss.


This account, run by the organization Charity Water, shows just how much of an impact even the smallest of donations make for the 748 million people without regular access to clean water.


Brandon and his work really don't need an introduction. Odds are you're already following Humans Of New York on Facebook, but it is every bit as inspiring and tear-jerking in Insta format.


This account is literally on a mission to spread happiness, one inspiring quote at a time.


Cinnamon the Shiba is sick with glaucoma, but he never lets that get him down. This little dude has fans all over New York City for his insatiable, perpetual smile. I dare anyone not to smile back.


Catherine, a feminist YouTuber in the UK, uses her Instagram as a platform to discuss social issues and promote a Kickstarter to make menstrual products freely available to women.


Photographer Mattias experiments with color schemes so rich that he basically stole a rainbow and put it on Instagram.


The famous #FollowMeTo couple just got married and had one hell of a trip around the world, and the pictures are a feast for the eyeballs.


Pretty much a DIY Disney Land. This Instagram proves that even the least crafty humans are capable of making something awesome.


This account is run by young professionals to inspire young professionals. These quotes will get you up and running faster than a cup of coffee.


The Oh Happy Day Instagram is basically what it feels like to be your own walking confetti cloud.


Angela Hoang, a self-described "fruit surgeon," arranges colorful foods and plants in the most entrancing and aesthetically pleasing way. It will make everything in your world feel a little more manageable and sweet.


Ray Collins braves seemingly death-defying waters in the frigid cold to capture these surreal shots of ocean waves.


Nothing will make you appreciate this planet that you live on quite like this diverse Instagram will. It features images from photographers all over the world, each one of them breathtaking in their own unique way. It will make you want to kiss all your frequent flier miles goodbye.

Images: mattiastyllander/Instagram