The Best Of #InThe90sIThought

If you were alive and old enough to be a conscious, self-aware human being during the '90s, what sorts of thoughts populated your brain at the time? That's what the trending Twitter hashtag #InThe90sIThought gets at — and you guys? Nostalgia abounds, so if you're a lover of all things '90s, this one's for you.

Created by @BreezyPuffs in conjunction with Hashtag Shenanigans (@HashtagShenani) and @HashtagRoundup, the tag is kicking off Throwback Thursday a day early. Naturally the Twittersphere is rising to the challenge magnificently, with the responses both reflecting what we thought about specific pop cultural moments at the time as well as where we thought we'd be in the future. Now that it's 2015, it's kind of interesting to see how our priorities have changed, what advancements we've made, and whether or not our predictions match up with where we're really at right now. We may not have hoverboards yet, but hey, at least we're not dealing with dial-up anymore, right?

You can head on over to Twitter to watch the hastag unfold in real time — it's all kinds of hilarious — but in the meantime, here's just a taste of what it's like. Way back in the '90s, here's what we thought about...

1. The Internet:

The struggle was real, but it isn't anymore. Now we're left guessing about whether or not there's been an outage in our area every time the Internet vanishes instead.

2. Breaking the Internet:

Most of us probably didn't know who Kim Kardashian was then, either.

3. Relationships and Dating:

Now we know that it's good relationships that look like Cory and Topanga's.

4. Long Term Investment Strategies:

To be fair, some Beanie Babies do go for a pretty penny on eBay… but by and large, it appears that these fuzzy toys are less valuable than many of us thought they would be.

And Pogs? Yeah… no. Just no.

5. What We Wanted To Be When We Grew Up:

And then we actually did grow up and figured out that, as amusing as his antics are, Johnny Bravo is actually a giant manchild and therefore not really someone to emulate.

6. Transportation:


One day, maybe…

7. Technology:


Clearly we were mistaken.

7. The Future:

I'll admit that I still don't really know what this means. These days I suppose it's just another way to describe a nostalgia party, isn't it?

8. Fashion:

And hey, look! We've actually come right back round to this one!

9. Dinosaurs:

It turns out that a pretty good sense of smell is a godsend for a T Rex… but not so much for its prey. Curse you, Jurassic Park!

10. Daria:

Daria definitely still is my spirit animal. Some things never change.

Image: aawiseman/Flickr