'Southern Charm' Star Cameran Eubanks' Most Feminist Quotes, Because She's One Independent Woman

There's no doubt that Bravo's hit reality series Southern Charm features one of the most blunt, gorgeous, hilarious, and intelligent women of reality TV. That's right, I'm talking about Southern Charm's almighty Cameran Eubanks. Whether she's teaching everyone on the show a life lesson (let's face it, she's the only one with a voice of reason), driving Shep Rose and Craig Conover to Jekyll Island, getting drunk at Thomas Ravenel's election night party, or cooking her husband a Stouffer's dinner, Cameran is one amazing woman. You know what else makes her the bomb dot com? That she is an independent woman, who is a true feminist.

Now, I'm not sure if Cameran considers herself a feminist, but one thing does remain certain: that she speaks like a feminist. If you are an avid viewer of Southern Charm, you know that the former Real World star isn't afraid to speak her mind, especially when it comes to making money and explaining why she doesn't want a baby (at the moment, that is). If you don't like the way she thinks, well, I'm sure she doesn't care, because she is who she is. How can you not admire that?

Here are a few of the reality starlet's most feminist quotes that show why she's truly an inspiration to other women.

When She Talked About Her Career

Cameran is no stranger to work. As we've seen on the show, she wants to work and make money. As she once tweeted, "Prior to real estate I worked 45 hours a week managing and buying for a [department] store. Got first job at 16. Worked ever since." As a wife, Cameran doesn't want to sit at home, run the house, and have babies. We've seen time and time again that she likes work and wants to make money. If this doesn't say she is a feminist and someone who believes in gender equality, I don't know what does.

When She Admitted To Not Wanting Kids

At the moment, Cameran isn't ready to have kids, and she isn't afraid to admit it. As she told BravoTV.com, "I believe in bringing a child into this world when both parties are ready and committed to being a parent, and I am just not there yet and have no problem admitting it."

When She Said She Farts

Girls can fart too, just ask Cameran. That's right, it happens to both men and women. She said during Southern Charm, “I’ll be known as the girl with the damn fart machine."

When She Didn't Keep A Tidy House

Cameran is a modern "housewife," who doesn't really cook and never makes her bed in the morning. "Serious question: Who actually makes their bed every morning?," she tweeted. "I have never. Makes zero sense to me. For those who do, why?"

When She Drove Around Her Friends

Men don't have to drive all the time, just ask Cameran, who acts as Shep and Craig's personal chauffeur. As she shared on Twitter during a Southern Charm episode, "Still waiting on my steak dinner @ShepRose. I'll drive...as usual."

When She Spoke Her Mind

Cameran is a straight shooter, who will speak her mind no matter who she's talking to. "For me, it’s mostly about having common sense," she said about being blunt. "I say what everybody is thinking. But the guys on the show are like my brothers, so it’s all in good fun — I’m never trying to come across snarky. And anything I’d say about them to the cameras, I’d say to their face."

See? Cameran Eubanks is a feminist — and she might not even know it.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo