This Cat Sticks Her Tongue Out So Much That She Just Gave Lil Bub A Run For His Money — PHOTOS

I don't understand how Internet cats get their fame in the same way that Internet dogs get theirs. Don't get me wrong, I'll play with your cat. I will learn to love your cat. I really just don't want to see pictures of it. Yet I'll look at pictures of your dog, and "awww" everyone around me into oblivion. I supposed I can understand the amazing likeness of an iguana to its owner, or the dog whose butt totally looks like Kim Kardashian's butt (actually, I'd pay to see that), yet when you say this cat looks like Albert Einstein it doesn't do too much for me. The truth is, this is just a cat who sticks her tongue out a lot and bears some vague resemblance to the genius.

Nonetheless, I'm sure you're familiar with the iconic photo of Albert Einstein. Well, this cat supposedly looks like that picture. But here's the thing: It doesn't. It's a very cute cat. She's from Russia, her name's Melissa and I like her a lot. But Marnie the Dog sticks out her tongue, and we're not calling her Einstein. (If there's ever an Instanimal I'm going to defend, of course it will be Marnie the Dog.)

Melissa lives with Alina Esther, a photographer in Russia. And after Instagram fuses her amazing photography with an Instafamous cat.

Fun facts: Typically Internet cats (like Lil Bub) stick their tongue out because they are missing teeth, but Melissa's are 100% in tact.

Now let's compare:

I really am not seeing the Einstein resemblance, but her photo is still amaaaaazing. Here are some other cat snaps:

If this cat's identity had lead with "featured in awesome rainbow photos" I would've been way more intrigued.

This is one of the "Einstein lookalike" photos but all I can think is that she could put the girl with the long tongue out of business.

Look for her next year at Coachella. She'll be taking Madonna's place on stage with Drake, maybe.

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Images: Melissa_Scottish/Instagram