5 Best "How To Dress Like" wikiHow Pages

We'll admit that we have googled some weird shit in our day. From surfing WebMD to self diagnose that weird twitch in your eye— Pro tip: don't WebMD yourself— to using Google in order to figure out why your cat stares at you all the time— it wants to kill you— we look up answers every day, and the internet can sometimes disappoint. One site that definitely gives us the answers we need though is WikiHow, especially their "How to Dress Like" pieces, complete with super cute illustrations and everything!

WikiHow is basically your one stop shop for all things DIY, fashion, cars, home repair, beauty, life advice, you get the idea. They cover ALL THE THINGS, and that includes some useful and hilarious articles that run the gambit from how to dress your dog for the weather to how to dress for Halloween at the last minute. No matter what fashion needs you— or your canine— may have, we're pretty sure that WikiHow can cover them for you. So what are some of the best "How to Dress Like" pieces on the site? Well, I'm about to drop some totally useful but also some totally hilarious WikiHow pieces, so brace yourself, you're going to want to try these out!

1. How To Dress Like a Gentleman

This one is for you, men! If you've ever wondered how to get that totally dapper look of George Clooney's or if you're just looking to feel comfortable in your own style, WikiHow's How To Dress Well As A Guy has you covered.

2. How To Dress Like a 100 Year Old Woman

In case you're just itching to rock some serious granny style, WikiHow doesn't let you down. Just peep this piece, and for an extra level of grandma chic, try the makeup look as well!

3. How To Dress Like An Indie Hipster

Don't lie. You've definitely had artisanal headband envy in the past, and you've thought more than once about rocking vanity glasses. Here's the definitive listing of how to grab that hipster style.

4. How to Dress Like A Greek Goddess

So you loved your Halloween costume enough to cross it over into real life? Well, there's an article for that. But for real, can we just talk about how one of those girls doesn't have lips?

5. How To Dress Like An Emo

Did you want to revisit your high school emo days today because that's totally what is happening here. "Ugh I hate labels."

Images: WikiHow/Instagram (6)